Monday, January 31, 2011

Fountain Pens, Poets and Prose

When we see fountain pens for sale today, we think of them as superior writing instruments, but when they first began to gain popularity in the 1700s, not only were they gorgeous but they were the newest innovation in fine writing instruments. Authors of the time, such as Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who wrote The Rime of the antique Mainer, William Wordsworth with his Lyrical Ballads, Thomas Paine who penned The Age of Reason, A Vindication of the possession of Women by Mary Wollstonecraft, and Voltaire's riotous work Candide were likely written with fountain pens. You can add yourself to that luminous group of authors by joining them in purchasing one for use in your writing endeavors.

ballpoint pen refills

A fountain pen has a barrel, like a accepted rollerball or ballpoint pen, but it also has a cartridge mechanism for holding and releasing the ink inside, and a nib, which is the point used for writing on paper. The nib on the pen might be retractable, or it may come with a cap, as is found with other types of pens such as rollerballs. Although you can find a disposable pen, when you find pens for sale today, they tend to be items that are gorgeous and well-crafted, so you want to hold onto them and instead buy fountain pen ink refills in order to reuse the pen.

Pen Refill

There are many fine fountain pen manufacturers that offer pens for sale. Parker is one such firm that has these pens offered in their Premier and Sonnet lines. Fine and medium-point pens are available, so you can get the ink line that you prefer.

You can find these types of pens for as microscopic as twenty or thirty dollars all the way up to several hundreds of dollars in price. The quality of materials used is the former highlight that adds to the value of the pen. Luxury metals such as gold and platinum, as well as fine jewels are often added to top-of-the-line pens.

You can buy fountain pen supplies quickly and positively online. You might want to look for fountain pen refill ink, for example. The refills are ready for specific pen brands and lines, so you can find the exact ink, and save money by purchasing several refills at once, so you never run out at an inopportune time. Another advantage that comes from using refills is that you can convert out the ink color as you wish, and are not stuck with only one color, as you would be with a cheap, disposable ballpoint pen.

All of these products are ready from fine writing instrument merchants online.

Fountain Pens, Poets and Prose

Pen Refill

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pen Gift Boxes

Finding the Ideal Pen Gift Boxes

pentax k200d

Giving away pens as gifts has all the time been appreciated by many people, which is why seeing the ideal pen gift boxes is important. Roughly everyone, from students to office workers, and from moms to sales clerks, will appreciate a good capability pen that they can use for a long time. Fountain pens and excellent sign pens are valued for their organize and craftsmanship, and many professionals appreciate being gifted with these collectible items. What is even better is that pens also make perfect promotional tools. You can engrave or imprint the name and logo of your enterprise on a giveaway pen, and distribute it to inherent clients and enterprise partners as productive advertising.


Thus, seeing the right pen gift boxes is important, depending on the occasion. Either you are giving man a particular pen as a gift or giving away dozens of pens for marketing purposes, the right containers will make the pen or pens appear extra special. These gift boxes are ready in varied sizes, colors, and over-all design. Some boxes are designed to hold only a particular pen while some boxes are made to accommodate more than a merge of pens. You can also find sellers who specialize in the customization of these gift boxes for pens.

You can give away a good capability pen as a birthday present, for Christmas, or for anniversaries. Over the web, there are varied gift box suppliers able to contribute pen boxes in unique theme designs, such as Christmas, New Year, or anniversaries. While most of these gift boxes are made from durable cardboard, you can also find wooden cases that duplicate as gift boxes. Wooden boxes can be used to store the pens, even after having used them regularly. When planning to choose pens as gifts or souvenirs, placing them in gorgeous pen gift boxes will undoubtedly make a huge difference.

Pen Gift Boxes


Saturday, January 29, 2011

tasteless Uses Of Usb Pen Drive

Small enough to hook onto a keychain, Usb pen drive emulates a small disk drive and allows data to be transferred beyond doubt from one gismo to another. The way it works is very simple. It also works very fast. Since it is a relatively newer device, manufacturers are launching it with added capabilities and higher storehouse power. Some of the purposes for which it can be used are discussed below.

pencil case

To transport personal data


The commonest use of Usb pen drive is to transport or store personal files such as documents, pictures and video. One can also store healing alert data for crisis use or as preparation against disaster.

Repairing computer

Successful usage of Usb pen drive has been noticed in the Pc fix field as a means to change rescue and antivirus software to infected Pcs. It also allows a part of the host machine's data to be archived in it in case of emergency.

System administrators' helper

System and network administrators find Usb pen drive very handy to load them with configuration data and software used for ideas maintenance, troubleshooting, and recovery. Such use of this portable gismo makes it favorite among them.

As an application carrier

Usb pen drives are used to carry applications that run on the host computer without the necessity of installation. U3, backed by pen drive vendors, offers an Api to pen drive-specific functions. Portableapps, a free and open-source software, has also been advanced to allow U3-like functionality on non-U3 drives. AirWrx is also an application framework that runs from a pen drive and turns its Pc host and other colse to Pcs into a multi-screen, web-like work environment.

As audio players

A whole of clubs make solid state digital audio players in a small form factor, essentially producing pen drives with sound production and a easy user interface. The Mp3 playback function is the most favorite expanding to Usb pen drive. Some of them also have Lcd display for track browsing and audio input jack and a rechargeable battery.

tasteless Uses Of Usb Pen Drive


Friday, January 28, 2011

Round Pen Fundamentals -- Base & Footing

Sometimes you get so excited about working on a project that you forget about the fundamentals and inevitably find out halfway straight through the project that you forgot to do something basic.

pentax k200d

Building a horse round pen is no distinct - there are basic steps to succeed to make sure you build a safe, procure and long-lasting roundpen for your equine friends. Let's look at one of the fundamentals necessary for a quality-built round pen: your round pen base and footing.


One of the first steps in building a round pen is to make sure that you have a layered base and level ground. Why is this so important? Well, for starters any structure (round pen, barn, you name it) will last longer when it is properly leveled and constructed. Secondly, a well designed base provides the necessary drainage for your round pen. You don't want to go surface after a heavy rainstorm and find that you have a nice, new round pen pond!

If you are extremely lucky, you will have a level piece of ground to work with and a sand base. Unfortunately, for the other 99% of us out there, we'll have to work with what we have and make it suitable! There are several methods to leveling the ground and providing the proper drainage with suitable footing. These vary depending on budget and number of work you want to put into it.

A properly constructed round pen base and footing resembles a layered cake. By sloping your base layer, adding mixtures of base gravel, stone dust and landscaping cloth (if desired), you will build up a layered sub-base and base that will supply perfect drainage. While this is a lot of work up front, the benefits will pay off over time.

The icing on this layered cake is the footing. Remember, the footing is what provides the sustain for your horse and also adds to the protection factor. This final layer will vary depending on your atmosphere and conditions. Some of your footing options are: sand, wood mulch, or shredded rubber. You can also use a compound of sand and shredded rubber, for example.

Depending on the material you use, you may need to replace it every so often as well. When you contact your first rain or storm, some of your footing will inevitably seep into your base layer. Keep this in mind when you are purchasing your footing - you'll likely need to order approximately 10 - 25% extra depending on the footing type and your atmosphere conditions.

So remember, when you start your round pen project, build from the lowest - up and you'll be on your way to a safe and long-lasting horse round pen."

© 2006 E. Landers

Round Pen Fundamentals -- Base & Footing


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mini Ballpoint Pen - A Small Pen That Makes a Big contrast in Your Marketing Campaign

Are you looking for some great new promotional items to help get the word out about your new business? Many citizen over look the power of the simple pen when they are seeking promotional items. Ballpoint pens are inexpensive, but can do wonders to promote your business. A mini ballpoint pen in a ladies purse will likely be seen by approximately 100 citizen during its lifespan. Pens are small and easy to carry with you; this ensures your company logo goes everywhere its owner goes.

pentax k1000

Surely we've all lost a pen, or lent it to man who failed to return it; pens change hands sometimes hundreds of times in its lifespan. Having your logo on a one of these in a woman's purse or man's wallet is among the best and least high-priced advertising you can ask for. One can spend thousands of pounds for a radio spot, or a television ad, that will advertise their company to that local area, or you can hand out cheap promotional items that will be passed from man to man for many years.


You can shop online by visiting the biggest online catalogues of fellowships who provide promotional item customization in the Uk. Along with shopping bag customization, and key chain customization, mini ballpoint pen customization can be very profitable for any small company looking to grab some affordable promotion and exposure. This type of promotional item truly lets your valued customers promote your company and your products or services for you, with no effort on your part; and what is great than that? choosing an keen promotional item ensures that your customers will use them, and anyone they might give one to will also use them. In many cases the more conveyable the item, the more likely it is that your customers will bring them along in their hand bag or wallet.

If your customers have an keen conveyable useful promotional item such as a mini ballpoint pen adorned with your company's logo and slogan, the more likely they will be use bring them along with them, and use them in social places, or even give or loan them to friends. If you are looking to get the biggest return on your cheap promotional items company pens are a great start. When handing a pen to your client to use to sign their credit card receipt, make sure that pen has your company logo and motto on it.

If you need low cost, low effort promotional items take a second discern at customized ballpoint pens; they are inexpensive, and efficient. One pen will be seen by hundreds of people; you don't see that kind of return on any other type of advertising. The most foremost points to look for are whether your with regard to your mini ballpoint pen is whether your promotional pen is attractive, whether your pens are small adequate for your customers to take along with them in their purse or wallet, and whether your company logo and motto are clearly recognizable on the pen. With this in mind you should be all set for your promotion, and the flood of new business.

Mini Ballpoint Pen - A Small Pen That Makes a Big contrast in Your Marketing Campaign


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Top 5 Practical Uses of the Basic Pen Knife

The pen knife is better known as a working pen that doubles as a self-defense tool. It's so handy that it's easy to carry and conceal in a purse or pocket. However, it does have positive creative uses that go beyond its usual functions. If you've ever wondered what other things you can do with this tool, here are the top 5 practical uses you might want to consider:

penny loafers

Use as an all-purpose office knife


A pen knife, depending on its brand and quality, is quite tough. It's man-made to withstand long-term use, so expect the blade to remain sharp for a long time. This ability of the pen knife makes it ideal for use in the home or office as an all-purpose knife. It can be used in place of a letter opener, for example, or as an alternative to your trusty box cutter.

However, if you're trying to pry open a thick cardboard box, you might need more force when using this tool. The blade is not serrated, which might not be productive in cutting through thicker material.

In a worst case scenario, the pen knife may even be a decent change for a lost pair of scissors, although it might wish a bit of dexterity on your part to use.

Use for uncomplicated carving jobs

Another practical use for the pen knife is for carving. It will not replace your carving tools but for carving jobs that only wish uncomplicated slices, gouges or lines, this product can do the job nicely.

It will work well with soft wood, rubber, plastic or clay.

Use as a hobby knife

A pen knife is sharp sufficient to be used as an alternative to your trusty hobby knife. It can be a practical tool to use because of the narrow and thin size of its blade. The basic pen knife is light, so it's ideal for use with materials such as paper, plastic, cotton, think sheets of rubber and wood. Do not use with glass, though. This tool is not designed to handle glass. If you try cutting through it, the material may shatter.

Use as a handy fishing knife

The pen knife may not allow you to fillet that fish you caught (although you can authentically try if there's nothing else), but it is sharp and durable sufficient to be used for the most basic slicing and cutting jobs when you're out fishing.

Use as a survival tool

Built as a self-defense tool, this product also holds the disagreement of being a practical alternative to the basic survival knife. It has multiple uses, is lightweight and unobtrusive yet productive as a handheld tool.

Top 5 Practical Uses of the Basic Pen Knife


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Parker Pen Refills - The Options

Parker pen refills for their range of fountain pens come in 7 colors, namely red, turquoise, blue black, black, pink, purple and blue.

bic xxl pen refills

To replace your old cartridge you naturally pull it out and insert your new refill until you feel a click.

Pen Refill

The other option for their fountain pen is to use a bottle of Parker Quink and your converter. You draw up the ink by screwing or pulling up the converter and wipe the nib clean with a lint free cloth.

Parker Quink cartridges come with a small ink support which allows you to continue writing just when you think you are stuck.

Parker Roller ball Refills

Their roller ball refills have adequate ink to write for colse to 1000 metres and come in 4 colors, black, blue, red and green. Quink roller ball refills are de facto replaced by naturally unscrewing the body of your Parker roller ball and inserting the new one.

Ball point refills

Parker ball point refills offer the option of 3 colors together with black, red and blue. They also contribute a gel ink refill for a smoother writing operation and changing your refills are a simple matter of sliding out the old refill and replacing it with the new Parker ball point refill.

Parker multi-pen refill

The Parker multi-pen refill offers the possibility of turning your Parker pen into a fine lead pencil, highlighter, Pda stylus or a accepted ball point pen. Replacing the refill just involves pushing your new Parker pen refill in until you feel a click.


Parker Quink has a fine credit surrounded by pen lovers and has been sold since 1931 and was designed to dry quickly on paper, hence the name "Quink" being an amalgamation of "quick" and "ink".

Regardless of which Parker refill you need you can rest assured that Parker pen refills, being an prolongation of the Parker pen itself, are top ability pen refills. 

Parker Pen Refills - The Options

Pen Refill

Monday, January 24, 2011

Pen Branding

Pens are deemed a necessity in these times; these writing articles are utilized everywhere, from schools to offices. There is a vast varieties of pen brands and make; from reasonable ones to hand-crafted bejeweled versions costing thousands of dollars.

pencil case

You can effortlessly purchase any kind of pens you like from stores, but how about making your own wood pens? You can fashion your own wood pen by using a lathe (machine tool for shaping metal and wood). The mystery rate is quite high, as it is a lively project, but once completed, the pleasure you get is an unrivalled one.


You will need these materials: -

Pen kit
• Mandrel (spindle)
• Lathe
• Drill press or a hand drill (whichever you are more comfortable with)
• Bushings (cylindrical metal lining to cut friction)
• Drill bit the size of pen kit
• Quick grip clamp or bench vice
• Epoxy glue
• Soft clean cloth
• Sand paper (220 to 2500 grit)
• 10, 000 and 12, 000 micromesh (for polishing)
• Renaissance wax (microcrystalline wax polish)

To make ready the blank
Get a blank which has already been pre-cut to fashion your pen. A blank is normally a section of wood measuring ¾ x ¾ x 5 inches in distance which can be procured from a pen manufacturing supplier. As an alternative, you can opt to make your own blank using a table saw.

Divide the blank into 2 segments (for top and bottom portions of the pen). Read the study pen kit hand-operated carefully to avoid making mistakes when cutting.

The end of the blank pieces should be squared away using a disc sander or miter gauge. The pieces have to be sanded in order to accomplish distance adjustments.

Illustrate a mark from one angle to the next of the blank ends. This will mark the town spot of the blank for drilling. Using the drill bit, make a hole straight through the pen where the tube will be placed.

So far so good.

Your pen kit will come with tubes. Using epoxy glue, carefully glue these tubes into the blanks straight through the drilled cavity. Make sure that they are included accurately. Using fine grit sandpaper, rough up the surface of the blanks. This is to permit the glue to attach safely.

Use epoxy glue by placing a concentrate of drops in the end of the blank. Slowly press on straight through the hole and rotate the glue evenly spreads. Put the blanks aside and let them aerate.

Follow the instructions in your pen kit and place blanks on the mandrel accompanied by the bushings. Tauten the mandrel's nut and lock it into the lathe which is set at the optimum speed.

Bring the blanks to practically 1/16 inch of the bushings by using a ¾ inch gouge. Using a skew chisel, carve the wood cautiously to fashion the pen as it rotates on the lathe.

Using the 220 grit sandpaper, trek, to sand down the wood. Continue with the smaller grit paper until wood is utterly smoothened. Take the blanks away from the lathe and coat the wood with a friction polish.

Reinstate the blanks into the lathe and buff-up the wood (using a soft clean cloth) as it rotates. Continue with this pace until it becomes to hot to handle. When this occurs, sand the conclude with the micromesh.

Use 2 coats of Renaissance wax to the pen to reserve it from dampness and polish it to a sparkle between coats.

Put all the pieces together as instructed by the pen kit manual. If need be, use a bench vice or quick grip clamp to thrust the pens simultaneously.

Pen Branding


Friday, January 7, 2011

Avoid these mistakes when to recharge the ink cartridges

Why bother with the effort and mess of refill ink cartridges inkjet refill kits, if you just buy a new one go? Well for one, it costs a lot 'less. Purchase new cartridges are ridiculously expensive, which is more used cartridges get binned, which means more waste.

sheaffer pen refills

inkjet refills seem to get a mixed bag of opinions, when some people swear by them, others refuse to use them at gunpoint. Recurrent problems that some of theseanti-refill kit for printer users have the right to cause the failure of the printer, on behalf of the hooves, the leaks, not on the print quality and short life.

Pen Refill

The answer to this argument on two sides is that in most cases, were the results of pressure in which the poor, the user failed to follow the instructions exactly the printer manual recharge kit. We all do, which is the creation of a DVD player, flat-pack desk or tuning a new television, we all like to think that weyou can easily do without the manual. Opening adjustments later, we will defeat you in the manual and turn to realize that the work could, however, much less. Worse, we measured no longer be repaired, not to help the user.

A common mistake to recharge the ink cartridges for air holes. Some models require the air to the fans to act in a vacuum, when the ink fill waived. If the hole is then sealed cartridges the printer is not working properly and the causeundesirable results.

If the error in the manual also the needle can be read much into the cartridge. If the ink, the air pressure is generated is pumped, it prevents the escape of air into and ink. The result is a cartridge messy and a lack of printer refill kits.

Do the work of filling the ink cartridge until it is almost fresh out of ink. This could lead to real disaster. In most cases, the gel ink and require more cleaning cycles to getInkjet head clean and ready. This reduces the efficiency, ie there will be more ink.

Another mistake to avoid is to soak the cartridge in the water during cleaning of the nozzles. This will cause the ink to run and produce incoherence in the press. You can see a fade in color and reduced quality.

In reality, recharge the ink cartridges is easy if you follow the manual to do, but most of us prefer things our way, before resorting to the obvious. SoThe next time you read a refill kit printer manual first!

Avoid these mistakes when to recharge the ink cartridges

Pen Refill

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bamboo Pen Tablet chronicle

Tablet laptops are the newest sensations in the gadget industry. There are many companies that are complex in the tablet laptops production. Now you get a new type of tablet laptop in the shop which is called as pen tablet laptops. The bamboo pen tablet is one among them and it is rocking the manufactures with its exquisite features.

pentax k200d

When you buy a bamboo pen tablet you will get the pen and a Usb cable. You will also get an engaging pen stand to place the stylus and as usual software is present to install. The bamboo tablet has 21 quadrilateral inch display with state-of-the-art handwriting recognition software. It also comes with the inking and pen features of windows Vista as well. The best part in this tablet laptop model is that it gives a pen-on-paper feeling when you write something on the display with the stylus. There is no doubt that this is the best tablet that can be used for writing and drawing.


The feel of this gadget is also separate from commonplace pen tablets ready in the market. You can get a nice and level feel when you write something. Foot print present in the bamboo helps in getting the actions done swiftly and the function keys present at the top makes the pen tablet actually accessible. A scroll wheel is ready in the machine which helps in easy zoom in and out functions. You can store the stylus in the stand in case,granted and the machine is battery free as well. Price may vary from country to country and the newest price was .99 in august.

Due to these features Pen tablet is the hot talk in the tablet laptops market. 

Bamboo Pen Tablet chronicle


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