Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Parker Pen Refills - The Options

Parker pen refills for their range of fountain pens come in 7 colors, namely red, turquoise, blue black, black, pink, purple and blue.

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To replace your old cartridge you naturally pull it out and insert your new refill until you feel a click.

Pen Refill

The other option for their fountain pen is to use a bottle of Parker Quink and your converter. You draw up the ink by screwing or pulling up the converter and wipe the nib clean with a lint free cloth.

Parker Quink cartridges come with a small ink support which allows you to continue writing just when you think you are stuck.

Parker Roller ball Refills

Their roller ball refills have adequate ink to write for colse to 1000 metres and come in 4 colors, black, blue, red and green. Quink roller ball refills are de facto replaced by naturally unscrewing the body of your Parker roller ball and inserting the new one.

Ball point refills

Parker ball point refills offer the option of 3 colors together with black, red and blue. They also contribute a gel ink refill for a smoother writing operation and changing your refills are a simple matter of sliding out the old refill and replacing it with the new Parker ball point refill.

Parker multi-pen refill

The Parker multi-pen refill offers the possibility of turning your Parker pen into a fine lead pencil, highlighter, Pda stylus or a accepted ball point pen. Replacing the refill just involves pushing your new Parker pen refill in until you feel a click.


Parker Quink has a fine credit surrounded by pen lovers and has been sold since 1931 and was designed to dry quickly on paper, hence the name "Quink" being an amalgamation of "quick" and "ink".

Regardless of which Parker refill you need you can rest assured that Parker pen refills, being an prolongation of the Parker pen itself, are top ability pen refills. 

Parker Pen Refills - The Options

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