Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Metal Promotional Pens...beware Cheap Imitations!

Many businesses used to consider the metal pen as a luxury gift rather than a giveaway of appropriate a higher cost per unit than its plastic counterpart promotional pen. But as technology moves ever forward, prices for metal promotional pen is more down, many marketing managers have recognized a product with a high impact (providing strong, positive brand endorsement) to an acceptable cost structure. Ride in Santorini pen as an example, recently launched in the UK. A new push action pen with a smooth flowing action writing is available in four metallic colors with a metal Parker style black ink refill. Given to a cellophane sleeve and available at less than £ 1 per unit when printed with a color screen in a position *, it has proved to be a very popular new metal pen.

There are now many very similar products on the market Santorini. Some of them are cheaper and plastic refills use the attached picture. The Santorini pen is supplied with a quality metal Parker style refill with a Swiss tip and write 2,500 meters long. The plastic refills generally do not have the same length and write the stick thin types refills can write only for the 1,000 meters, which essentially means that Santorini will last at least twice as long. Another positive aspect for Santorini is the quality of writing is also very smooth, compared to cheaper imitations.

So, when it comes to promotional products
, By all means live along the lines of not looking a gift horse in the mouth ... but be ready when it turns around a bite of your brand ethos!

* Price excludes artwork and carriage.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Promotional Parker Pens – The Brand Name Gift Pens Your Customers Will Love

Parker pens are very popular brand in the pen companies to promotion. Since 1891, when George Parker founded the Parker Pen Company, the company is known for its high quality products of writing. Parker pens are available in several different price ranges and are a great gift, if you're really trying to impress the customer.

purpose of advertising is the most popular Parker ballpoint pen Parker Notepad. This pen is available in four standard colors, red, black, white and dark blue. Specific additions are often added so please ask if you want a different color. All Parker Pens Parker case will be forwarded to more effect.

The second most popular Parker Pen Parker Vector Roller Ball pen. It is available in black, white, red and navy as standard, but as a laptop, special dyes are often added. Good thing Parker Vector Roller Ball pen is that it is now available with a new wrapper around printed. This allows you to print in color throughout the pen. When the correct design, this result can wrap looks amazing. The impression is very good quality and will last for years.

Parker is also renowned for its high quality of more expensive models. If you are looking for the perfect gift to thank your customers or employees, Pen Parker Frontier Roller Ball expensive and Parker Sonnet fountain or ball are excellent choices. They are both stainless steel and is very pretty logo engraved.

Like all promotional pens, pens Parker are excellent for getting your name in front of your customers. When they receive this very prestigious brand pen, they will appreciate your gesture very much. The customer has the pen for years. It is also easy to find refills Parker in the main street when a large capacity meets Parker finally beginning to dry. Pens easily replace the refills kept for many years and have been engraved with company logo and details will remain the pen for several years to promote your business.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Refillable Markers for a Retro Back to School Look

Harkening in the old days, when the handles were personal and were regarded as elements of elegance and craftsmanship, refillable pens and markers to make a comeback cool. "This is not only a sense of charging overhead markers," said Kerry Tuttle North American distributor AusPen organic markers, it is also a green call that fascinates the young generation. "

In North America alone, teachers throw for 500 million plastic dry-erase markers in a year. Clog landfills, markers of PVC plastic poison "- to find their permanent residence. Generation Y are well informed, and they see this as a great loss, threats to their future, and the lack of creativity.

Future Retro Youth, 20 and 30-something. Although this cohort of consumers like all the grapes, they are not ready to abandon the attitudes of the environment and turn on pollutants in recent years. Therefore, products that are retro mood, but made of modern materials and technology are making waves.

Students in secondary schools and colleges have taken steps to attract non-toxic, reusable, recycled aluminum AusPen dry erase markers in their classrooms. "They use their public relations and the use of social media to raise awareness of alternative products green," Tuttle said Carrie. "They raise money through fundraising, posting videos on You Tube and the creation of school clubs practices to reduce their toxins found in places such as pink soap dispensers in bathrooms, cleaning products door-keeper, and toxic dry markers.

competent researchers and online shop where they are, Gen Y consumers find the back they love, then to understand how to look or feel the product of the past, but with a modern and green before. The sleek and futuristic AusPen starter kit bag made from 100% recycled plastic, polyethylene, such as the design of space-age craze 60-s, and the popularity of refillable fountain evokes memories of the days of reusable pens, such as "Parker 45" The announcement in 1967.

Going green for back to school or work is a priority for young consumers. But if this is a selfless passion can be combined with a retro, but then came the light on the earth has never been so cool.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Range of Mont Blanc Ballpoint Pens (Limited Edition)

Mont Blanc has been making fine pens for nearly a century now and in the beginning they produced exclusively pens. The reason is simple and has been that the pen has not yet been invented. But today, everything has changed. Although there are still pens Mont Blanc are still produced as pens.

Take their wide range of limited edition pens. In total, he understands their Writers Series, the Patron of the Arts Series, Mont Blanc gift series (enjoying young artists) and their series 75th and 100th anniversary this year. On a separate note, though related: Mont Blanc pens and 100 75th anniversary are issued seven years apart from each other rather than 25.

The series of writers does have a point Monty White Ball Pen

The series of writers who were published every autumn since 1992 had a pen in it. In fact, the whole series will consist of a ballpoint pen, a pen and a set of three pieces composed of each of these plus a mechanical pencil. The pen in this annual series will always cost less than the pen, which typically sells for about $ 700. Nevertheless, be aware that ballpoint pens can be difficult to acquire, due to much higher demand for them.

Patron of the Arts Series

The Patron of the Arts series has been published each spring from 2001 to comemorate merit of those who have made a significant contribution to art. Sadly for those who are interested in obtaining a pen in this series, they are simply not available. However, it should be noted that people have been known to have pens Mont Blanc fountain ball converted to points. Nevertheless, be aware that if it is done in pen, which is the second half of a pen / pen set, it will create two pens with the exact same serial numbers.

Series gift of Mont Blanc

Because this series of grants means that pens are not all serial numbers feature, it can not technically be considered a limited series. It does feature ballpoint pens and also depends on these will be the least expensive of all the special series Mont Blanc pens ($ 200 - Price range of $ 500. The reason for the name of "Donation of series, some the proceeds of the sale of each pen is channeled into an organization that fights benefit young classical musicians.

75th and 100th anniversary of the Mont Blanc pens

Their set 75th Anniversary Limited was published in 1999 and consists of approximately 1924 numbered pens per set. There are pens available in this series with the Pens Meisterstuck game is the most in demand. Their 100th Anniversary series comemorates making the pen very first time by Simplo Fuller and has no pen in it. It is therefore advisable to check on these limited edition pens before making purchases, as some have grown in value much faster than others.

The Best Small Pens

As we know, pens come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. Brand names such as Parker, Bic, Biro, Waterford and Mont Blanc is very familiar names. Most pins are made in standard sizes, but there are those that are made smaller to fit in purses, wallets and bags.

Some of these include the small cages PicoPad Wallet Notes stripes, which is a patented small pin-year self-stick notes that fit snugly in your pocket. This little pen comes with a good flexi-handle, yet very comfortable for writing. The PicoPad is suitable for both men and women.

The Lamy Pico small pin is an innovative German invention that minute in size, but excellent writing skills agreements. This classic ballpoint pen may be small, but has remained the same for 40 years. Invented in the 60s, the Pico Lamy made of solid titanium with a matte surface glittering very functional and elegant.

The Lalex 1938 Pens are made in Italy and boasts a fine tradition of charm, elegance and durability. The small pins versions were the first established in 1938 by Leopoldo Aquila. The lalex 1938 has unique spring mechanism in contrast to his predecessors. To own one is a symbol of status and taste.

The Wallet Pen is a small pen made of solid sterling silver that any space can be made into a purse. Since purses are an essential component of day to day life, add a little pin it only makes life much easier. This can be done at any time to write down notes, contact information, memos and reminders, for almost nothing. The wallet feature is pen and beauty at the same time.

The Astronaut Pen Zero Gravity or the pen is underwritten by Fisher Space Pen Company, which uses ink cartridges that come under pressure and could write in zero gravity. The smaller version, called the "bullet Recently a non-retractable and stouter than most ordinary ball point pens in the market. But it becomes full size when the cap is attached for a better grip. There is a bullet style space pen which is on permanent exhibition at the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). The small bullet pen was said to write for a lifetime of normal use, and recharging can be utilized in another type pins with the plastic adapter that minute passed with each refill. Fisher also produce 'universal' refills in almost all kinds of pens, especially Cross and Papermate used.

With modern technology, many everyday items made more compact for easy use and comfort. Small pins are not unusual, in fact, there are many brands every style and budget needs. Recently some companies have also taken special little pins designed for women to create jewelry or overgrown with Swarovski crystals. Pens are not just for function but are now fashion statements too. Many carry their wallets in when eating out for the evening.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Branded Pens That Flourish Your Writing Skill

If you want to write or copy something, then what will you do? Sure, you need a pen. The pen has a vital role in our daily routine. This is one of the best gifts and ideal for a student, a person's office or a writer. After a pen can do things that sometimes a sword can not. If you want to write with style and attitude, then a pen mark can boost your spirits. To learn all about branding pens, just read this article below.

In recent years, making contacts with large multinational companies and to promote live is something inevitable. If you want your company to grow, then you need to create a strong bond with their executives. That's why some companies provide gifts to those executives to create a good relationship. This helps you get good annual performance. However, if you are looking for different types of gifts, then a pen may be the right kind of thing that you can choose. Sometimes his enthusiasm is at a low level when your pen malfunctions, what you bought just two days ago. Therefore, you need a pen that has good quality and standard.

good handwriting issues, since their school days for your workplace. If you are not getting the quality of your writing, then it's time to go and buy a good quality ballpoint pen. However, there are many cases where people love to collect various types of pens for your personal collection. But here than merely a pen to write some articles and blogs, or any story. The good quality and a pen mark, the pattern of quality and distinction, was first compared to the ordinary pen.

The invention of ballpoint pens waterman created a fantasy among people who, due to its unique design. This will give you perfect and smooth writing with an option to reload it. The pens are widely used by people around the globe. If you look around, then you will find a wide range of writing pens. You may choose from pens, ballpoint pens point, antler ballpoint pens, roller ball pens, along with gel ink pens. In the market, you can see many companies with their brands as Parker pens, Waterman pens, Cross pens, Mont Blanc pens, Pascal Lamy, Visconti pens, pencils and pens Cartier Pelican. Once you start looking, then you'll have a great variety of these pens and luxury brand.

The pens have a fine point to give that perfect calligraphy and fine without any problem. These pens have a room full of viscous paint. The main feature of the pen that is water-resistant ink begins to dry immediately after writing the paper. The ink is dispensed when you write because of the action's rolling ball point. These pens are affordable and beautiful in its outward appearance. You can search online for these pens, typing keywords like waterman pens so you can get adequate results. You can make a collection of his own point waterman pens, which have unique designs and style.

But before buying the pens through the internet, you should beware of certain points as authorized reseller, product and product value, reputation, any discrepancy, etc. Also, if you're not happy with your service, you should know the process of return, shipping charges and sales action. Once satisfied, then only you can try them. Search engines will provide you with information about the product range and its entire business. You can ask for refills as they have a stock of both their new pens and refills.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Don't buy an engraved pen until you read this

Engraved pens are great gift items or undertaking to give way, but as you know you're getting a quality product. I will describe some features to look for when making your next purchase of pens saved.

Setting mechanism
This feature is found in the twisting action engraved pens. As you twist the pen to the open position with the tip pointing up the ink, the ink should extend out of the barrel and then settle back down slightly. It is this feature that keeps the ink to roll in as you write.

Interior metal parts
By opening up the pen to change the ink refill should screw into a piece of metal rather than plastic, to prevent stripping. The recharge can be plastic, they are changed often. If the pen is a style of roller ball, then make sure the parts are metal there too.

Ink Refill
Make sure the refill ink is a type that can easily be found for replacement. Recharges pattern that can be found in the store office supplies are your best bet.

Warranty Pen
There are many pens that come with a warranty on craftsmanship. When the company is willing to stand behind their product typically make a better product they will not be replacing many of its products.

There are other features that make the course a premium pen, including a painting of quality and solid construction of the clip, nose clip, center ring, etc.

I hope this little guide will help with the purchase of the pen that comes.

Monday, August 23, 2010

An Appreciation of Classic Ballpoint Pens

You use every day without giving it much thought. You make your grocery list with it, use it to write in your journal, to do lists with him, and use it to take important notes at work. This is a ballpoint pen, and life is not quite the same without her.

A seemingly insignificant, ballpoint pens is in fact one of the most important inventions in modern history. Before their existence, fountain pens (and goose feathers before them) are not very portable or user friendly. They often fled and had to be recharged frequently, is whether they could be recharged at all. Because reading and writing has become increasingly widespread in the 19th century, demand arose for a reliable, independent, reusable pen that would not smudge or run. This demand was met by the pens.

pens origin in 1889 when a tanner named John Loud needed a writing tool that would work on leather, traditional fountain pens that would not. It has created a ballpoint pen steel rotation was held in place with a socket. The predecessor of the modern ballpoint pen was not suitable for commercial use, however, because it was too rough to write on paper.

The next major breakthrough in design technology of conventional ball point pens came Laszlo Biro, a Hungarian newspaper editor. His job required him to spend most of his writing and editing amounts of time a lot of text on newsprint, fine. He found pens to smudge too easily take too much time with their continued need for refilling. They also had a tendency to tear the thin paper with which he worked. With the help of his chemist brother, Biro developed an ink similar to that used in printing newspapers. The ink dries quickly and does not stain as easily. He placed it in an enclosure with a spinning ball which always turn to take the ink and put it on paper. Biro patented his ballpoint pen in 1938.

Ballpoint pens are on sale to the public for the first time in 1945, offered the Gimbel department store in New York. At a price of $ 12.50 each, they do not seem like a piece of home each person would be used on a daily basis. That changed when the Bic Corporation has invented a cheaper version available from ballpoint pens later this year. Today, like all facial tissue is often described as Kleenex and all copies are often called Xerox, the name has become synonymous with Bic ballpoint pen retractable all, regardless of brand.

Conventional ballpoint pens are available in two versions: disposable and rechargeable batteries. Disposable ballpoint pens are made of plastic and designed to be discarded when empty. refillable pens, secondly, can be made of plastic or metal and to permit the endless close. Whatever type you prefer, the next time you take a ballpoint pen, consider how much more difficult the simplest tasks would be without it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Bexley Fountain Pen at Hamilton and Brewer Fine Gifts

Since the birth of the fountain pen, a writer who sought the combination of interesting design and superior performance. The BX701 Collection delivers on the promise.

The caps and barrels are made from cast acrylic stunning new vibrant colors: Blue flicker (dark blue with a round bronze), Cappuccino (cream with a chestnut rotation), and Onyx (dark gray with a caramel swirl).

The BX701 Collection offers fountain pen and roller ball pen with a sleek new shape and clips.

The fountain pen is equipped with high quality stainless steel gentleman in a Fine, Medium or wide width. If you prefer, it can be ordered with our two-tone 18K gold nib, a Fine, Medium, Broad, or Broad Stub width for an additional fee. They accept international size cartridges, or can be filled from a bottle with a given converter.

The matching roller ball pens use a widely available refill.

All-inclusive Full Color Pen Hidden Camera/mini Dvr/thumb Drive With Audio

Pen Hidden Camera Taken separately
Are you looking for a small, hidden, all-inclusive hidden camera system at a great price? Introducing the all-inclusive full color hidden camera, with built in audio, mini DVR, and thumb drives. This amazing camera spy is actually a real ball point pen with a hidden camera plus audio and a mini DVR. Now you can record all video and audio action in a normal ball point pen writing. No drivers or outside power source is required. You charge it by plugging it into the wall or on your computer .
Click the ball pen point to start recording. You can actually record for the whole two hours on a single charge. When you are done recording you can download all the actions taken to its high-speed USB 2.0 directly to your computer. You can see right away or store files for later.

Camera WritingThis pen is the first mini DVR with both video and audio recording capabilities in the world, with a covert mini DVR in the pen. The microphone is very sensitive, you can clearly record the conversation up to 15 feet away. As mentioned previously, this is a working ball point pen with standard ink refills available. Works seamlessly on any computer and other equipment with a USB port. For ports USB they have no software to install, no drivers required and it has its own external power supply. Supports all Windows and Linux operating systems.

Recorder AVI format is very fit. This pen hidden camera has a built in lithium battery and built in 2G flash memory. The camera has 300,000 pixels resolution with 352 x 288 and it records in full color.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mechanisms Used In A Pen

In the early years the reservoirs are filled with ink using an eyedropper, but it is a messy process, but the advantage of pen is that it can hold more ink than any other auto filling a pen. The next generation self-fillers used which is composed of rubber containing ink sacs. The runway is squeezed and released to fill the ink. In the year 1901 Conklin crescent filler was introduced to the public, this is the first mass production of self-filling pen.

The mechanism used in Cresent filling pen: it is a crescent-shaped arch fixed strong metal bar pressure, the crescent section jetting out from the container by a pressure bar and slot placed in the barrel . The second part has a semi circular hard rubber ring situated between the barrel and crescent. The ring is used to block the somewhat circular ring from pushing down. To refill the pen user has to just turn the ring around the barrel to the C-shaped ring corresponds to the space inside the ring. This allows it to push down the crescent and the inner sac compression.
In the year 1950 a new plastic ink cartridge is introduced. Early in the 1820s filler screw-piston mechanism came into being. The system has been widely used only when the Pelican was introduced in 1929. The basic mechanism used by a simple touch the bottom of the pen and a piston is drawn up in barrel by a screw mechanism, which helps milk the ink. In the year 1949 to touch down filler is manufactured by Sheaffer, it has a handle under the barrel that can be removed and the plunger can be pulled out to full length. The tip of the pen is less ink container, the plunger that pushed compresses and then releases the ink cartridge for pressure sir.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Taking Care of the Calligraphy Pen Reservoir

A calligraphy pen is a simple tool that takes considerable application to the master. The pen comes with a few little added extras that can also take some time getting used to.
Some come with a calligraphy pen reservoir can be removed and some are permanently well. A calligraphy pen reservoir is a small piece of metal fitted with steel calligraphy pen that increasing the amount of ink it holds. You'll find that it will give you a more even flow of ink. It will also reduce the frequency with which you have to recharge your pen while working.
The calligraphy pen reservoir can be a detachable piece that can be removed for refilling or cleaning while other pens come permanently attached reservoir. Both have their pluses and minuses, but using them is only a matter of trial and error and being trained in new tools.
Might even remove a reservoir gives you a pen easier to clean, you also have the responsibility of reassembling the pen well. Allowing the storage of water out from the steel will reduce the quality of the ink flow and your work will suffer.
A top-mounted water storage could prove to be a hobby for some people because it is obscure side vision in writing. There are options available to over come it, like a pen that Mitchell Roundhand Series reservoir permanently mounted on the holder of sitting under the nib.
Care should also be taken when recharging the reservoir permanently attached to the pen. Turn your pen upside down and, either a paintbrush to be dipped in ink or with an eyedropper, add ink to the widest part of the steel. This will allow the ink to fill the gap between the nib and the reservoir. Make sure the top of the steel pen ink-free. Careful application of steel and ink reservoir is to ensure you maintain a smooth, even when the flow lettering and you reduce the risk of leaving large ink blots around your work surface - your line is always wide.
To clean the reservoir, slide off it and just rinse it under running water. Soak the nib with a special solvent (such as Higgins Pen Cleaner) overnight and then take an old toothbrush to clean it to get it. Ride soaking pointed end of the next morning and rinse it in cold running water before drying it thoroughly with a towel.
When buying a calligraphy pen with attached reservoir sure that you have a close look at steel reservoir and settings to ensure that the end of the reservoir has not been bent away from the steel. The flange of the reservoir should sit lightly on top of the pen with a little extra air space visible.
Like all important tools, the more care you take in maintaining your pen, it will stay in good working order.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Handcrafted Wood Pens - the Best Giveaway Items

Giving away promotional items as gifts to business clients is a very important thing to do. Not only does this help you maximize the exposure and recall the name, it also helps establish a healthy business relationship. Each company must keep this tradition because it helps generate more sales and operations in the future. Distribute gift items is a good way to let your customers know how precious they are for your business. Gifts to provide each client knows that the company with whom they do business with gratitude, but did nothing for them.
When it comes to gifts, why not consider pens? Pens such as custom wood pens and Parker pens style used by everyone and they are very necessary, especially in business. They are necessary in almost all places such as offices, banks, municipal halls and other business establishments. At a time when unexpected situations need someone to write something, the tendency is that this person will just take a pen, he could use. Imagine if this pen has your business name and logo!
Pens, when given, will never be neglected, because they are needed everywhere and anywhere. There are varieties with large pens to choose to make decisions about what to give. There are varieties of cheap and there are those that require little additional investment. wooden pens handmade look elegant and can be used Nice gift items. Indeed, anyone who is at the receiving end of special pens as these will certainly feel appreciated.
exotic wood pens, pens handcrafted wooden pens and custom wood are some useful gift items. The only guarantee that quality will be short lived.
More often than not, these pens are also refillable. The fact that they are making them more desirable or preferred, gift items, because it means that those who will keep them for a long period. If your company name, logo and contact details have been engraved on them, this means that the recipient will remember you for a long period of time. Ergo, pens with your data will not only serve as gifts from you, but they will help you "give away" your comings and goings of business, benefiting both the recipient and your business.
exotic wood pens, for example, writing instruments are created from wood in the world high quality. These sticks come in different varieties and they are considered excellent. The tag "exotic" actually speaks a lot. wood resins are generally old materials used in creating this type of pen. The ink quality is also closed fine and smooth. When a person - your customer, for example - gets this kind of gift, he knows he has not only received an implementation of ordinary writing, but instead he received something made very valuable and important materials. Therefore, the treasure.
handmade wooden pens, on the other hand, are perfect for people who appreciate the arts that these tools are specially designed for writing with a touch of distinctive beauty. They are not just for writing - they are works of art and every collector would like to possess this type of pen. handmade wooden pens are made from high quality wood and most of these pieces of wood are still being imported. Therefore, they are ordinary pen, but masterpieces as well. Who would not have a pen beautiful as these pens?
custom wood pens, meanwhile, are popular because they are one of the most common among the special types of pen. They usually come in sets with pencils including customs. They are perfect for gifts. Contractors like them much because they are easy to use. One of the most favored are the pens custom wood types thin because they are easy to grasp.
Today, special pens are not only available to buyers outside line. They can also be purchased online. A great site to visit is Lanier pens.