Monday, April 11, 2011

Ink Technology Has come to be Much More complicated Since the Early Days of Printing

The ink used in printers and copiers is a complicated mix of ingredients that is a long way from the primary constituents used when humans first put pen, or quill, to parchment or paper.

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Historically there were two main types of ink. Carbon based ink was industrialized by the ancient Egyptians and the Chinese colse to 2500 Bc and was normally made from lampblack or soot and a binding agent, such as gum arabic or animal glue, to keep the carbon particles in suspension and attached to the paper.

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Iron gall inks were widely used from the early 12th century and were made from tannic acid and iron salt. They were idea to be the best type of ink, but iron gall ink is corrosive and damages the paper it is on.

Colour ordinarily came from natural substances such as blue from wood, yellow from saffron or turmeric, scarlet red from cochineal derived from an Arabian insect called the Kermez and Tyrian purple was the juice of the Purpurea, a shell-fish.

With the commercial revolution early in the nineteenth century the amelioration of artificial chemical substances occurred. The artificial dye for the colour mauve was discovered, by William Henry Perkins, when he was searching for a cure for malaria. Because this dye could be added to ink, it became commercially important. Over the next fifty years, the amount of discoveries of artificial dyes was to increase, work that was dominated by the Germans.

The advent of the personal computers and home printers revolutionised the history of ink and its development. Once the technology of the printer changed from dot matrix, where characters are impact printed, to inkjet, where the ink is sprayed onto the paper, the chemical composition of ink became more sophisticated.

Inkjet inks are both water and solvent based. The primary pigments inks clogged until an efficient detergent, which acted as a dispersant was added. For efficient printing on contemporary printers and copiers the inks need to be in droplets selfsame in size, not clogging the printer head, of high optic density and quick drying. Water-soluble inks are more common, as they are used for the smaller inkjet printers.

Ink is now a complicated mix with four main constituents; colorants, vehicles (binders), additives and carrier substances. Ingredients comprise water (50 to 90 percent), colorant (1 to 15 percent), humectants such as alcohol or glycol (2 to 20 percent), fixatives (0 to 10 percent), surfactants (0.1 to 6 percent), resins (0.2 to 10 percent), biocides (0.02 to 0.4 percent), fungicides (0.01 to 0.4 per cent) and buffer agents (0.05 to 1 percent).

As the costs of raw materials has risen sharply in the last couple of years, inks have become much more high-priced and often population look for a economy alternative than the rights brands recommended for home and office printing machines.

However, explore carried out by a familiar victualer of computer tool on the economy cartridge refill generic inks found a amount of problems. Some plugged up the printhead nozzles so swiftly and consistently that some tests had to be aborted.

Another brand produced wide blank stripes in print-outs and self-refilling cartridges using a kit was found to be a messy process. The final question the tests identified was ink permanence with many of the generic inks persisting no more than a year.

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Ink Technology Has come to be Much More complicated Since the Early Days of Printing

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Basics Of A Pen Drive

A Pen Drive is a compact, removable storage gismo just like a floppy disk or a Cd. Instead of the floppy gismo or the Cd Rom that are used for reading a floppy disk and Cd respectively, a pen drive can be plugged into the Usb (Universal Serial Bus) Port of a computer. The Usb connectivity makes the pen drive easier to use and data can be transferred faster to and from the pen drive.

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Different Manufacturers have named Pen Drives they establish differently. Today, a pen dive goes by the names of thumb drive, Usb flash drive, Jump Drive, Traveler`s Drive, Usb key drive, Usb memory stick and many others!


These pen drives are small, inexpensive, approximately ubiquitous and very handy. They are available largely in the range of 1 to 8 Gb which makes them of great use and has made floppy disks and Cds look like useless storage mediums.

The credit of inventing the pen drives goes to Ibm. It was invented in 1988 to replace the floppy disks, but Ibm never patented it. Ibm contracted in M-Systems to establish the Pen Drive and the patent is now owned by them.

The pen drive is a contemporary floppy disk. The main contrast is that a floppy disk has inspiring parts which makes the data stored on the drive vulnerable to loss. A pen drive, on the other hand is a solid state gismo i.e. It has no inspiring parts. This makes it possible to approximately wholly seal the pen drive manufacture it dust-proof and the common magnetic fields. Hence, a pen drive is a much safer selection for storing leading data.

The latest operating systems like (Windows Xp, Linux and Mac Os 2) can recognize these pen drives and mount them automatically. Once it is connected, recognized and mounted by the operating system, it appears just like any other partition of the hard disk except it is named as removable storage.

The pen drive can be removed any time after it is un-mounted (safely remove hardware in case of Windows) and can be re-plugged into the same or a distinct machine to be used again. A pen drive`s most leading use is to converyance data and files from one machine to another. For e.g. One can naturally copy all the word processing documents, images and spreadsheets to the pen drive, carry it along and copy the files on his/her home computer and work on it at home.

Some users have found the pen drive useful in inspiring their internet browser History, Cache, Cookies, and other transient data. This improves their privacy and security as no traces of the work done on the machine is left on the Pc. Once copied to the drive, the files can be made more secured by encryption or any other method of security.

The pen drives can also be used to store operating systems to boot the computer. This makes them beloved for mend and diagnostic work. Instead of carrying tools and maintenance software applications on Cds, a pen drive can be used which is faster and can be manipulated certainly in case the software is upgraded or is no more useful.

A pen drive is one of the most economical movable medium for data storage in terms of cost per unit storage space. They are certainly light-weight and robust in nature which has made it a big hit and a very leading and needful tool for a large whole of users.

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Basics Of A Pen Drive


Friday, April 8, 2011

The Senator Super Hit Icy Is Put to My 3000 Word Test

There is no great way to unmistakably get to know a pen than to write with it. I don't mean just a few notes but to unmistakably write with it. Today I have been writing with the Senator Super Hit Icy ballpen. This pen has been a low cost favourite of mine for many years but today I have learned to love it all over again.

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When you do what I do for a living it is important to know the pens you sell. The only way I could sincerely recommend a promotional pen to a good customer is to have unmistakably written a lot with it. That is why I now write my four daily blogs (approximately 3000 words) in freehand first. I want to be able to recommend to you the promotional pens that will be excellent for your promotion.

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If I am honest, I knew the Senator Super Hit Ice would not let me down before I even picked it up. All Super Hit pens are supplied with a large Senator brand refill. As the pens are made to order, you have a choice of blue or black ink. These pens are real plane writers!

With a starting price of only about 25p, these promotional writing instruments offer excellent value for money. Sure, if you collate them to less go for cheaper imported Far East artificial pens you could save yourself some money but if you want to make a good impression the Super Hit Ice is second to none.

Try doing what I have done. Ask for a few samples of personalised pens that you like and then write with them for a few days. I can tell you what will probably happen.

The cheap plastic pens will dry up before you even get started but the Senator Super Hit Icy will write for miles! Now then, dream your target customers.

Imagine your favourite client with 20 of your logo printed pens. Do you want them to have 20 of the cheap imported range or do you want them to have 20 Senator Super Hit Icy pens? I think you know where I am heading with this. If you want peace of mind... If you want your customers to have a good feeling about your brand... If you want them to continue using your personalised pens for months if not years... You want a Senator Super Hit Ice!

The Super Hit Icy was made with company promotion in mind. It is available in a large range of colours and the print areas are huge. You have an fabulous 50mm x 20mm print area on the barrel and a nice 25mm x 6mm print area on the clip. That is a log of print space so be sure to use it wisely.

After writing in excess of 3000 words today with this pen, I feel like I have discovered it all over again. The Senator Super Hit Icy has been around for years and there is a good think for this. Habitancy love them. I love them. Your customers will love writing with them!

So what are you waiting for? Order a sample and get your next flourishing promotional started with promotional Senator Super Hit Icy Pens.

The Senator Super Hit Icy Is Put to My 3000 Word Test

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

peruse How To Find The Best Fountain Pen On The Planet!

The Fountain Pen

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A fountain pen is a pen that has a depot of water-based ink. Like something forbidden, has the concept of owning a fountain pen left you feeling like you were out of your league? Captivated by the art of writing, the type of pencil or pen you use makes a expansive impact on your penmanship. Are you intrigued by the excellent elegance of artistic, well engineered fountain pens that can seduce, as well as intimidate you at the same time?


Today the fountain pen is not used as much anymore with the creation of the Bic pen and the pens that come with ink in them and when they run out, you naturally throw them away and use another. It was not until the early 1920s that fountain pen improvements not only gained in popularity but also in reliability.

The first mention of fountain pen can be traced to the Egyptians. If you take good care of your fountain pen, it will last you a lifetime.

There are two techniques that allowed fountain pens to be self-sufficient: The lever filler and the button filler. If travelling by plane, it is a normal rule to consequent with fountain pens to fill or empty them thoroughly and keep them stored in vertical position with the point upward.

When not using the pen, keep it stored vertically with point upward to prevent ink from settling in and clogging the feed. When ink doesn't flow properly, the gap between the tines should be checked and cleaned with a razor blade. Pen cases are available in the shape of an easel, upright-standing frames, cheroot box-like cases with transparent glass tops, cups and many more.

Pen cases are made of wood, leather, metal and glass with detailed attention to aesthetics. Fountain Pen innovators created filling systems that gave optimum performance in their depot designs. International cartridges of all makes can be used in some fountain pens, while others accept only cartridges of their own brand.

The progression of writing apparatuses has taken a profound leap of success since the quill pen. The eyedropper filler ink pens have the maximum capacity to hold ink, with the least capacity attributed to the piston refills pens.

peruse How To Find The Best Fountain Pen On The Planet!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Promotional Gift Pens - A Look at the Senator Delgado Pen

Anyone who knows Senator Pens will know and love the Delgado Ball Pen. What an marvelous promotional gift pen! It writes so smoothly over the page. Believe me I know. I have been using this popular ,favorite metal ball pen today to write my four daily blogs.

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That's right - and no I haven't lost the plot. I realise I will need to type them before posting them to the web but when you have been in the promotional pens business as long as I have you know and understand how foremost it is to write with all the popular pens you sell.

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I write over 3000 words every day with a distinct promotional pen. By doing so, I hope to give you up to date information about which pens are hot and which pens definitely are not!

So why do I like this pen?

Well maybe it is its plane writing ability or the fact that it offers two expansive engraving areas. That's right, this pen can be printed or laser engraved. maybe it is the fact that it sports Senator's extra large metal refill for an extra long writing life. Really, I would say it is all of these things that make the Senator Delgado such and excellent value for money!

The great thing is that it starts at colse to 2.00! This is excellent value and all you need to do to see for yourself is request a sample.

Any good promotional pen provider will be happy to send you free samples of the Senator Delgado. When you write with it you will be hooked. I sure am.

The Senator Delgado is also ready as a rollerball which I will be reviewing shortly. If you have an extra extra worker or client you might like to look into order the Senator Delgado Rollerball/Ball pen set. These sets are ready in Senator's own double pen gift boxes which will make the presentation extra special.

So what are you waiting for? I love this pen and I am sure you will too. Not it is not a top of the line Lamy or Cross pen but it is a low cost plane writing gift pen that will get results.

The only drawback that I can see is that the Delgado can only be printed in one colour per position but if you can get over this small disadvantage, the many advantages will be in your favour.

Promotional Gift Pens - A Look at the Senator Delgado Pen

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Introducing The Best Selling Low Cost Promotional Contour Pens

Every day when I walk into the office I know there will be at least two orders for the Contour pen waiting to be processed. The promotional Contour pen - often referred to as the 'Curvy' pen because of its unique body construct - is a Uk best seller. It offers perfect value for money and performs like a pen that is much more expensive.

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You are going to love this pen!

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There are three distinct styles to look out for: the Contour Basic, the Contour Argent and the new Contour Extra pen. Each comes faultless with a good capability blue ink refill for smooth writing.

The Contour Basic Pen

This was the first of the range to be available and is still the most beloved opinion the others are very close behind. It features a penetrative barrel with a matching relieve grip section. All of this is highlighted with eye-catching chrome trim that looks fantastic. available in ten beloved colours you are sure to find one that will work for your brand.

The Contour Argent Pen

This was the second version to hit the promotional gift scene. It has a silver coloured barrel and a selection of seven relieve grip colours. The customary style is still there but the silver barrel gives the pen just that tiny more pulling power.

The Contour Extra

In the Uk, the best selling pens are always white. So it made sense to bring out a white barrelled version of this very beloved plastic pen. Like the customary Contour Basic, it is available in ten beloved colours.

One of the drawbacks of the Contour pen in the early days was that it had a very small print area. This is now a much smaller question as the pens can now be printed in an area of 35mm x 10mm with an extended print area tapering down to 23mm x 3mm. The Contour can even be printed on both sides. They can even be printed in up to four colours.

If you are in a hurry, all of the Contour pens an be express printed in only three days. This is done at no further cost to you.

Samples are free of charge and easily available. There is nothing like being able to try a pen before purchasing a large quantity. Write with the promotional Contour pen. Ask your work colleagues to do the same and you will soon see why the Contour is a Uk best seller!

Introducing The Best Selling Low Cost Promotional Contour Pens

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