Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Top 5 Practical Uses of the Basic Pen Knife

The pen knife is better known as a working pen that doubles as a self-defense tool. It's so handy that it's easy to carry and conceal in a purse or pocket. However, it does have positive creative uses that go beyond its usual functions. If you've ever wondered what other things you can do with this tool, here are the top 5 practical uses you might want to consider:

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Use as an all-purpose office knife


A pen knife, depending on its brand and quality, is quite tough. It's man-made to withstand long-term use, so expect the blade to remain sharp for a long time. This ability of the pen knife makes it ideal for use in the home or office as an all-purpose knife. It can be used in place of a letter opener, for example, or as an alternative to your trusty box cutter.

However, if you're trying to pry open a thick cardboard box, you might need more force when using this tool. The blade is not serrated, which might not be productive in cutting through thicker material.

In a worst case scenario, the pen knife may even be a decent change for a lost pair of scissors, although it might wish a bit of dexterity on your part to use.

Use for uncomplicated carving jobs

Another practical use for the pen knife is for carving. It will not replace your carving tools but for carving jobs that only wish uncomplicated slices, gouges or lines, this product can do the job nicely.

It will work well with soft wood, rubber, plastic or clay.

Use as a hobby knife

A pen knife is sharp sufficient to be used as an alternative to your trusty hobby knife. It can be a practical tool to use because of the narrow and thin size of its blade. The basic pen knife is light, so it's ideal for use with materials such as paper, plastic, cotton, think sheets of rubber and wood. Do not use with glass, though. This tool is not designed to handle glass. If you try cutting through it, the material may shatter.

Use as a handy fishing knife

The pen knife may not allow you to fillet that fish you caught (although you can authentically try if there's nothing else), but it is sharp and durable sufficient to be used for the most basic slicing and cutting jobs when you're out fishing.

Use as a survival tool

Built as a self-defense tool, this product also holds the disagreement of being a practical alternative to the basic survival knife. It has multiple uses, is lightweight and unobtrusive yet productive as a handheld tool.

Top 5 Practical Uses of the Basic Pen Knife