Monday, April 4, 2011

Promotional Gift Pens - A Look at the Senator Delgado Pen

Anyone who knows Senator Pens will know and love the Delgado Ball Pen. What an marvelous promotional gift pen! It writes so smoothly over the page. Believe me I know. I have been using this popular ,favorite metal ball pen today to write my four daily blogs.

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That's right - and no I haven't lost the plot. I realise I will need to type them before posting them to the web but when you have been in the promotional pens business as long as I have you know and understand how foremost it is to write with all the popular pens you sell.

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I write over 3000 words every day with a distinct promotional pen. By doing so, I hope to give you up to date information about which pens are hot and which pens definitely are not!

So why do I like this pen?

Well maybe it is its plane writing ability or the fact that it offers two expansive engraving areas. That's right, this pen can be printed or laser engraved. maybe it is the fact that it sports Senator's extra large metal refill for an extra long writing life. Really, I would say it is all of these things that make the Senator Delgado such and excellent value for money!

The great thing is that it starts at colse to 2.00! This is excellent value and all you need to do to see for yourself is request a sample.

Any good promotional pen provider will be happy to send you free samples of the Senator Delgado. When you write with it you will be hooked. I sure am.

The Senator Delgado is also ready as a rollerball which I will be reviewing shortly. If you have an extra extra worker or client you might like to look into order the Senator Delgado Rollerball/Ball pen set. These sets are ready in Senator's own double pen gift boxes which will make the presentation extra special.

So what are you waiting for? I love this pen and I am sure you will too. Not it is not a top of the line Lamy or Cross pen but it is a low cost plane writing gift pen that will get results.

The only drawback that I can see is that the Delgado can only be printed in one colour per position but if you can get over this small disadvantage, the many advantages will be in your favour.

Promotional Gift Pens - A Look at the Senator Delgado Pen

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