Sunday, April 3, 2011

Introducing The Best Selling Low Cost Promotional Contour Pens

Every day when I walk into the office I know there will be at least two orders for the Contour pen waiting to be processed. The promotional Contour pen - often referred to as the 'Curvy' pen because of its unique body construct - is a Uk best seller. It offers perfect value for money and performs like a pen that is much more expensive.

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You are going to love this pen!

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There are three distinct styles to look out for: the Contour Basic, the Contour Argent and the new Contour Extra pen. Each comes faultless with a good capability blue ink refill for smooth writing.

The Contour Basic Pen

This was the first of the range to be available and is still the most beloved opinion the others are very close behind. It features a penetrative barrel with a matching relieve grip section. All of this is highlighted with eye-catching chrome trim that looks fantastic. available in ten beloved colours you are sure to find one that will work for your brand.

The Contour Argent Pen

This was the second version to hit the promotional gift scene. It has a silver coloured barrel and a selection of seven relieve grip colours. The customary style is still there but the silver barrel gives the pen just that tiny more pulling power.

The Contour Extra

In the Uk, the best selling pens are always white. So it made sense to bring out a white barrelled version of this very beloved plastic pen. Like the customary Contour Basic, it is available in ten beloved colours.

One of the drawbacks of the Contour pen in the early days was that it had a very small print area. This is now a much smaller question as the pens can now be printed in an area of 35mm x 10mm with an extended print area tapering down to 23mm x 3mm. The Contour can even be printed on both sides. They can even be printed in up to four colours.

If you are in a hurry, all of the Contour pens an be express printed in only three days. This is done at no further cost to you.

Samples are free of charge and easily available. There is nothing like being able to try a pen before purchasing a large quantity. Write with the promotional Contour pen. Ask your work colleagues to do the same and you will soon see why the Contour is a Uk best seller!

Introducing The Best Selling Low Cost Promotional Contour Pens

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