Friday, April 8, 2011

The Senator Super Hit Icy Is Put to My 3000 Word Test

There is no great way to unmistakably get to know a pen than to write with it. I don't mean just a few notes but to unmistakably write with it. Today I have been writing with the Senator Super Hit Icy ballpen. This pen has been a low cost favourite of mine for many years but today I have learned to love it all over again.

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When you do what I do for a living it is important to know the pens you sell. The only way I could sincerely recommend a promotional pen to a good customer is to have unmistakably written a lot with it. That is why I now write my four daily blogs (approximately 3000 words) in freehand first. I want to be able to recommend to you the promotional pens that will be excellent for your promotion.

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If I am honest, I knew the Senator Super Hit Ice would not let me down before I even picked it up. All Super Hit pens are supplied with a large Senator brand refill. As the pens are made to order, you have a choice of blue or black ink. These pens are real plane writers!

With a starting price of only about 25p, these promotional writing instruments offer excellent value for money. Sure, if you collate them to less go for cheaper imported Far East artificial pens you could save yourself some money but if you want to make a good impression the Super Hit Ice is second to none.

Try doing what I have done. Ask for a few samples of personalised pens that you like and then write with them for a few days. I can tell you what will probably happen.

The cheap plastic pens will dry up before you even get started but the Senator Super Hit Icy will write for miles! Now then, dream your target customers.

Imagine your favourite client with 20 of your logo printed pens. Do you want them to have 20 of the cheap imported range or do you want them to have 20 Senator Super Hit Icy pens? I think you know where I am heading with this. If you want peace of mind... If you want your customers to have a good feeling about your brand... If you want them to continue using your personalised pens for months if not years... You want a Senator Super Hit Ice!

The Super Hit Icy was made with company promotion in mind. It is available in a large range of colours and the print areas are huge. You have an fabulous 50mm x 20mm print area on the barrel and a nice 25mm x 6mm print area on the clip. That is a log of print space so be sure to use it wisely.

After writing in excess of 3000 words today with this pen, I feel like I have discovered it all over again. The Senator Super Hit Icy has been around for years and there is a good think for this. Habitancy love them. I love them. Your customers will love writing with them!

So what are you waiting for? Order a sample and get your next flourishing promotional started with promotional Senator Super Hit Icy Pens.

The Senator Super Hit Icy Is Put to My 3000 Word Test

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