Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to select the best Fountain Pen?

Many of us have used fountain pens, which offer an experience of fine writing. Today, many new pens on the market every day. So we have a lot of choices to select the best fountain pen for us. These pens come with different price tags.

Gone are the days when we faced many problems for refilling ink. Usually, we dip our pens into bottles of ink for refilling. But today, technology has changed. Now, there were a lot of new mechanisms such as plug flow methods. With this method you can refill your pen. If you speak the best pen, you should spend extra money for the best product. Today, there are different varieties of pens available. A person should choose a pen that is of good quality because of the pen nib plays a very significant role in writing quality. You should also ensure that the pens allow the uniform diffusion of ink in all directions and it should dry quickly. Moreover, the pen nib should be strong so that it can serve for a long period of time and should not damage the paper.

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