Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Promotional Banner Pens for Promotions supersize.

Two of the things I always liked pens as promotional marketing tools
and are used by all and focus on what makes the most important part of your message. You can not print normally large amounts of text on a pen so you must decide what the most want to promote as your logo, website and phone number. Over the years I have seen quite a few gimmicky pens come and go. Generally I tend to steer people away from them, but pens banner are the exception. Banner pens have been around for a while ', but the quality has improved greatly in recent years. If you like the idea of using pens to promote your business, but you have a lot to promote, banner pens could be just the ticket.

For those of you who have not heard of banner pens, plastic pens are normal have to pull out banners that can be printed on both sides in color. These pens refills pretty nifty feature of good quality are available in the U.S., the UK and across Europe and come with a choice of ten different colored trim. Here are some ways companies come have successfully used these fun pens catchy with great success;

Restaurants: restaurants and food supply companies have been using these pens to print their entire menu. This means they can give each of their customers that can use a pen to write, but also to whet the appetite.

Hotel Chains: Most hotel chains offer a plastic pen and paper in their rooms. If you have a few places you want to promote, banner pens can do the job for you. Your guests will enjoy pulling out the banner to see all the data displayed.

Colleges and universities: Often it is important to provide students
with information such as schedules, emergency numbers, and places of interest on campus. Banner pens work perfectly in promoting a lot of information.

Transport: train schedules, ferry schedules, flight times can be viewed on 170mm x 70 mm pull out the flag.

The low cost banner pen has a patented design that works really well. It has a rubber grip. The recharge is available in black or blue plastic barrel is manufactured from recycled plastic. If you are looking for a unique and fun promotional pen and have a wealth of information for the press, the head of the flag is a great place to start your search .