Friday, September 10, 2010

Roller Ball Pens For Your Writing Needs.

Roller ball pens benefits' are that a child needs to apply pressure only to write neatly in ballpoint pens, its color range is wider due to a greater variety of pigments soluble in water, and tend to more courage to ballpoint pens. For a person who wants the convenience of ballpoint pens
together with the wet-ink pens, roller ball pen is perfect.

Exoticism and customization

Some rollerball pens are valued for their exotic and customization. Baron Rollerball Pens manufactured by Lanier Pens are made by hand, instead of being mass produced by a machine, from exotic hardwoods from around the world. Woods used to make the pen can come from Australia, Asia, United States, Africa and other parts of the world, making each pen unique style. They are hand-turned and polished by hand, giving the feathers smooth glossy finish. To ensure smooth writing, Baron Rollerball Pens are complemented by Schmidt 5888, metal body and ceramic tip roller ball ink refills. These high-end recharges ensure that Baron Rollerball Pens write as they appear. They are commonly named after the wood used in their design and their like Amboyna Burl, Bird Eye Maple, Black & White Ebony, Amboyna Burl Rosewood, Blackwood, Kingwood, and so on.

To promote the design, elegance and beauty of Baron Rollerball pens, Titanium Gold plating or rhodium plating is added for durability. Baron Rollerball pens are perfect as gifts. You can customize by having the pen engraved. A beautiful gift box of Maple or Rosewood comes with the package.

A pen for every occasion

In all, roller ball pens are also appreciated for their elegance and can be collected, tailored, or given as a gift along with the softness and ease of use. And 'pen perfect for mounting a pen writing for every occasion and for personal use or as a present .