Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The 5 Top Selling Promotional Metal Pens by Senator Pens

Over the past few weeks I have been getting to know the Senator Pen brand all over again. I have used promotional Senator Pens to promote my own business since I can remember. It was not until recently, however, that I started testing the most popular Senator pens by writing my four daily blog posts in freehand before typing them up to post.

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That is 3000 plus words every day in an exertion to test these popular writing instruments like they have rarely been tested before. In doing so I hope to offer you guidance on which promotional writing instruments are best for your business and also to get the low down from the separate pen manufactures of which products are already their best sellers.

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In a recent conversation with Andrew Hill, Managing Director of Senator Pens Uk, we discussed which of his metal writing instruments are his best sellers. He let me in on which Senator metal pens are his best sellers based on quantity sold over the past 12 months.

I found it extraordinary that his figures reflected exactly which Senator metal pens were my best selling Senator favourites in the same 12 month period.

It makes sense that these pens would be a good place for anyone serious about promoting the brand with Senator pens should start.

So here they are...

1.) The Senator New Spring Chrome Ball Pen

This pen is a winner in more ways than just being an outstanding writing instrument. It has won many found award including the coveted Reddot found Award. From the exiguous you receive your sample you will find it a satisfaction to write with just as you will all Senator Pens!

2.) The Senator Visir Rollerball

The Visir seems to just glide over the page when writing. It also looks fantastic. Available in blue or black with shiny chrome trim, the Visir is something to behold. It is no wonder it is such a big seller. You can now purchase a new Visir Ballpen/Rollerball gift set which is very hard to come by but worth finding for if you are finding for an intriguing Christmas gift for clients and employees.

3.) The Delgado

Anyone who knows Senator pens will of policy know the Delgado ballpen. It has been colse to for years and offers exquisite value for money.

4.) The Point Pen

The Point ballpen looks very much like the Parker Jotter. It is, however a lot less expensive. Supplied with a top quality Senator refill you cannot go wrong with this easy but customary style.

5.) Solaris Chrome Ballpen

Get a sample of this pen if only to see why it is such a hot seller. The Solaris is heavy and feels like a top quality promotional pen should but without the high price tag. I have personally written extensively with the Solaris and have ordered a large quantity for my customers and employees this year.

So there you have it... The Senator top five! I strongly propose ordering samples of these and other Senator favourites before ordering any other brand name pen. You are going to love these pens!

The 5 Top Selling Promotional Metal Pens by Senator Pens

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