Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spy Pen Dvr

Most of us are aware of what a spy pen is, a camera that is created and squeezed into a pen for the purpose of discreet recording. But most of us a blissfully unaware of the technology that goes into making these spy cameras so independent of any other device. Dvr, short for Digital Video Recording, is the future of these devices and allows us to enhance the capability and accessibility of our recorded footage.

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Spy Pen digital video recorders regularly report in the .avi or .3gp file formats, these are exquisite and widely supported formats by not only Pc's and Macs but cell phones, and 95% of the variations of Dvr players on the market.


Digital Video is the only format that files can be shared over the web. Many habitancy are now opting to stream footage live to other locations all over the world. Dvr has made this possible. By setting up a live transmission feed from the spy pen camera you can get the file streamed directly to a server on the internet which is easy to view from any device with internet access.

Dvr is now available on both audio and video spy pens, so high capability recording options are open to you regardless of the type of spy pen you wish to purchase.

Another great capability of Dvr recordings is that they are easy to manipulate at a later time. Many pieces of software on a pc can open the files and manipulate the code to enhance certain parts of aspects of the recorded track.

The most widely selling spy camera pens is the 4gb spy pen Dvr recorder; this spy pen will report up to 4-6 hours worth of footage. Which is quite spectacular, for such a tiny camera, the Dvr components allow you to stop and start the footage recording manifold clips or leave it running for one super clip.

Despite this there is a certain advantage to the Dvr pen or any other spy pen that is battery like. Because the device is so small it con only consist of a itsybitsy size battery. Most models these days consist of a stationary non-removable battery which charge when you plug the pen into an additional one electrical device, much like many cell phones.

Even the best of these batteries will only administrate to report for 3-4 hours before shutting down; this greatly limits the inherent of even a great recording formula such as the Dvr. 

Spy Pen Dvr