Monday, February 21, 2011

Problems With Spy Pen Video Camera

8Gb Spy Pen Video Camera is a gadget that contains a camera within the tip of the pen. On the back of the camera pen is a Usb port that can plug into a computer so its video can be uploaded directly to the computer. The pen camera has practical applications like recording lectures, but it can also be used to tape individuals without them realizing it. That aspect raises some ethical considerations about how the pens are used.

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The Pen Video Camera can only report for about 3 minutes per gigabyte on a little life battery. Longer-lasting batteries take up too much space and won't fit in a convincing pen.

Individuals writing checks or punching a personal identification whole into an Atm could have sensitive data taped by person using a 8Gb Pen Video Camera according to Florida League of Cities. However, the camera pen user would need to be very close as the video quality isn't sharp enough to report small print.


8Gb Spy Pen Video Camera raise a variety of ethical issues, especially with regards to privacy. Individuals who have conversations or engage in actions they believe are hidden can be recorded and that recording can be well distributed to the web. For example, consenting adults in sexual encounters have been taped using devices like these. It is illegal to report a conversation without the permission of those complicated in the conversation.

Stalking and Sexual Harassment

Those who recognize they have been taped by a hidden camera of any kind can contact emotional trauma, according to the website Sexual Harassment Support. Such cases are also field to prosecution. The Independent of England reported on an incident in April 2010 where a university lecturer in Great Britain had to register as a sex offender after pleading guilty to placing a mini-camera in a women's restroom.

Problems With Spy Pen Video Camera