Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The evolution of the pen.

The first fountain pens were invented about 1564, along with the pencils in areas near Keswick, England. The fountain pen was created to meet a need very simple. Before their creation, the quills were used which required among other things, a dish that contains ink and a duck tail feathers willing to give regularly. quill consumed very quickly that did not allow for writing coherent as a quill pen again had to be created and for the moment the pen Became convenient for the user has been consumed.

The original fountain pens are hand made and created in a very personalized. Usually these pens have been recorded and were owned by individuals who held high positions in the community or the government. Many of the pens are made to look like the old quill pen, but he had a cavity which held the ink that has been written by an inkwell. As the world became more industrialized, fountain pens and their use has evolved dramatically.

The early fountain pens were prone to leaks and have no effective mechanism to keep the ink from drying out or leaking when the pen is in your pocket or other upright. This created the need to test and further develop the techniques for creating ink cartridges that withstand the rigors of everyday use as well as maintain the soluble ink of the pen inside the cylinder. This need has been the thrust of ink cartridges today.

Originally, individuals were asked to fill in their pen with ink from a pot that still required the presence of a pot of ink. The ink was drafted into the barrel of a fountain pen and the "cartridge" was what the inside of the cylinder was referred to the fountain. It was not removable, nor was a separate piece of the pen. How they evolved, ink cartridges became cookware products that were self contained ink held within the barrel of the pen.

This eventually evolved into the manufacture of ink cartridges that could be purchased to fit the individual pen fountain that was used. The ink cartridges are expensive because they have not been mass produced and there were many individual shapes and sizes of handmade fountain pen. When someone wanted to buy ink cartridges, it was necessary to go to a specialty store that dealt with the specific type fountain pen that had been filled.

How fountain evolved and become ballpoint pens, ballpoint pens and fountain specialties, ink cartridges also began to be mass produced. It 'was possible to buy the ink cartridges from the package, or in bulk, which has reduced the price of ink cartridges in the world. Today, the ink cartridges are available in different colors, fountain pens because cylinders are a standard format, most of the ink cartridges you insert a standard fountain pen.

When a person buys a vintage fountain pen, it is important to remember that an ink cartridge may not fit the standard fountain pen. There are vintage fountain pens that require the use of ink just like they did when they were made. For this reason, there are some specialty stores that provide the old ink in ink tank specifically for this type of fountain pen .