Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The types of pens to give to your customers as promotional gifts

When you are giving away gifts to customers, you will probably be giving away pens and pencils. promotional pens and pencils are very popular because they are cheaper, many people use them and are something that people need on a regular basis. However, there are different types of pens, so what is going to be the best when it is giving a promotional gift? Well, here are the types you can choose.

1. A ballpoint pen: This is one of the most common types in use and you can get these as promotional pens. Problem is they are so popular that anyone can get one, which means that your promotional pen can be lost in clutter. Ballpoint pens are popular because the ink dries instantly on paper, and is very reliable. More people use the pen of any kind in the world.

2. A roller pen: This pen uses a water-based liquid or gel through the tip ball that makes it easier for the pen to glide across the paper. Many people like the pen because it is so smooth when you write and look nice. You can also give your customers like this because it is unique, reliable and high quality. Customers can use this pen more than the other types of pen, because it is more expensive than a sphere.

3. A fountain pen: One of the oldest types of pens and fountain pen. This pen uses a water-based liquid ink through the nib. The ink comes from a tank. These pens are simple, with no moving parts and can be recharged. The problem is that sometimes it can leave spots and take time to dry. However, they are very high quality and if you really want your customers to feel you went the extra mile with promotional pens, then get a fountain pen for them.

4. A marker: This type uses a fibrous material that is often used for marking and staining. These markers, the generally larger, are used on whiteboards, cardboard, and more. Highlighters are another type of marker. If you have customers, this is good to have them because people often do not have these pens at their disposal. It 's a great gift to give your customers .