Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to Choose a Quality Fountain Pen.

For the average person pens are simply a tool that is used to write something. For someone who is a collector of pens or pen that holds special meaning for them. If you've never been able to hold a pen or fine Sheaffer Cross will understand that there is no comparison with a typical ballpoint pen. Owning a quality fountain pen shows that you have impeccable taste and quality. So how do you choose a quality pen?

First you need to understand the history of the pen. The fact that the only way was to write with a pencil or a pen that has no ink provides you with the innovations that have been made by the producers of a pen. Most of the best developments in the design and use of the pen has happened since 1900. There are currently three types of pens Time: fountain pens, ballpoint pens, pens, and dip.

Fountain pens have a nib that is a small piece of metal that can be made of steel, gold or gold alloy. It will be diamond shaped with a point for you to write. There is also a feed and allows the stylus to press the ink into the pen that brought it down on paper. It should provide a nice even flow of normal that there are no leaks. You can find many brand name fountain pens that have a luxurious design or limited editions. The price range varies from a few dollars to several thousand. There are also collections of vintage that you might be interested in that are no longer made but still in its original form and packaging.

pens were used for calligraphy and special written documentation. In the past it was very difficult to be able to refill your ink pen. You had to carry around the ink to write. Many were very messy and spill from the pen or ink did not hold much at all. Now there are cartridges that are included in many fountain pens that alleviate this problem.

Dip pens match their description. You must continue to dip the pen into a pit of ink to write. She was considered a person of great importance if you fancy a dip or fountain pen in your possession. Today there are pens as purchases of luxury rather than essential elements.

If you decide that owning a fine fountain pen is a requirement then you should understand your price range and what kind of design you want. Many companies provide pens in more than one base color for which you may be able to get something more than basic black. The next thing to decide is your choice of nib. If you want a higher quality then you do not want just a steel nib. Try something with 18k gold and a special engraving. If money is not an option, then click a pen or limited-edition vintage can be the perfect choice for you .