Thursday, October 14, 2010

Promotional Pens an icon with a pen at Large.

Few names are easily recognizable as BIC pens. accessible and good quality disposable BIC pens are a staple of writing since 1945. Originally founded by Marcel Bich, France, the ballpoint pen was invented as a way to prevent the waste of ink that came with the territory of refillable pens. A highly successful and widely known, more than 100 billion disposable BIC pens have been purchased since then. BIC promotional pens are a great way to get the name of the company in the hands of your customers, on the back of an icon.

BIC pens have evolved over the years to include not only the original BIC blue crystal clear that we are all grown to know and love. BIC Round Stic is a great pen that is available in a wide range of color combinations and has a large area that can be printed up for customization. BIC Media Clic pens are great promotional BIC pens. Available in six popular color combinations, they have a large area that can be printed with your name and logo. A smooth, retractable ballpoint pen, this is a very popular and reliable option for companies who want a high quality, affordable promotional pen.

Other promotions include BIC Pens BIC BIC Media Max and Pivo Clip. The BIC Media Max is a large body, retractable ballpoint pen that has an additional area of print and a large rubber grip near the tip that is color coordinated with the clip and click mechanism. A bold pen, is a great way to make a real statement. The BIC Pivo Clip is a smooth, sleek retractable pen that offers a twisting motion to expose the tip. Smooth and polished, the Pivo is available in a wide range of colors, can have a ring of contrast added and can be printed with your personalization.