Sunday, October 3, 2010

You can refill your ink cartridges?

The answer is yes, here is a general guide on how to fill and reuse cheapest inkjet printer. If you follow our instructions to refill your own ink cartridge can save you money. You'll need an empty cartridge, ink refill kits, paper towels, tape, rubber gloves, cleaner cartridge inkjet or color and some cotton swabs, most of these have Raider ink refill kits.

The first step would be to buy a refill kit ink raider from your office supply store. Read the instruction manual supplied with the refill kit to learn how to fill your particular type of cartridge. For black-purpose Black Refill Kit (3x30ml Black Ink and 1x30 Cleaner) Code: R26 Cost is usually about 3 and the same for all colors Purpose Refill Kit (1x30 C/M/Yx30ml and Cleaner) Code : R27. The price of these refill kits cheap as you can see the savings you can do

Next put on a pair of plastic gloves and disposable paper towels and place on a flat desk. Remove the empty cartridge inkjet printer. Take a paper towel folded in half a few times and place it under the cartridge to absorb the ink that may leak and leave the empty cartridge on it for a few minutes. Locate the fill holes on the top of the cartridge, this can feel with your finger on the label, the instructions should have a scheme for you cartride particular. Pierce the air vents at the top of the ink cartridge or to remove the label that should expose the holes. The black cartridges there's usually just one hole, sometimes very small and can be made larger, with the tools provided with the refill kits. For there are three color ink, magenta, cyan and yellow. You can push toothpicks into the holes to identify the correct colors.

For any integer, take the correct colored ink from the bottles supplied with the syringe, from the lightest color first. Insert the needle along the hole and add the correct ink slowly. It is best to fill in small amounts at a time, as he pulls out the needle. Wipe the head of the cartridge as there may be a small amount of ink that comes out on paper towel. The correct color should be placed in the holes properly take care not to mix the colors up. After an end of covering the hole with an adhesive or tape.

When you are done you must keep the head of the print cartridge on a sheet of paper folded tissue. Do this until it stops bleeding and you see a streak of three colors or color for the black showing on the towel. Replace the ink cartridge in the printer, making sure that there is no leakage anywhere. Print just something to get the ink flowing. It 's a good idea to print a test page and follow the cleaning cycles for your specific printer and that .