Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Handcrafted pens Enterprises Witmer.

When it comes to choosing a quality pen craft, consider the pens offered by companies to Witmer. We handcrafted ballpoint pens, roller ball pens, pencils and other desk accessories in turned wood. We have been turning pens in hand for many years and offer different types of pens, pencils and accessories.

Witmer pens were the first companies that thin line styles have always been popular. We select the most beautiful and exotic woods from around the world and the United States for the production of fine writing instruments by hand. In addition to hardwoods, we also have boat pens in acrylics, polyester resins, horn and rolled. We offer our pens in a variety of finishes from a fine to a beautiful Gold Cobalt and nickel chrome finish. We also offer high-end finishes of platinum and titanium black on all our pens hairline. Our pencils have a beautiful step mechanism that is smooth to operate. Witmer Enterprises also produces knives in our line in a slim gold or chrome finish.

The next type of pen crafts we produce is the Classic line, which is composed mainly of ballpoint pens and a version of roller ball pen. You can check our entire line on our website to determine which of the pens classic suit your taste. Most are relatively thin to feel and use a twist mechanism. Witmer also offered by firms is a version of cap-click as a touch of pencil and click version. We also craft a pen type u2018Retro% 'which recalls the golden age of writing half of the twentieth century. A really good pen available in gold or chrome finish only. At this time Witmer companies do not offer a matching letter opener. This would be complimented with our next line of pens.

Our line of handcrafted pens in the European form somewhere between slim and larger pens pens barrel. Companies Witmer offers a European-style mini is a smaller version of our regular European twist pen. The pens of Europe which are handmade by companies Witmer are elegant in design and proper operation. All are offered in a variety of finishes from Gold Platinum through the higher end black and titanium finishes. All are ball point pens and does not offer any of our European line of pencils. We offer knives that are hand turned and are available in gold or chrome.

Companies Witmer excellent craftsmanship two ball rollers piece that we call the Navigator. It is available in all finishes and 'very easy to write with and is well balanced. Like any of our other pens, we can produce acrylic, polyester resins and horn in addition to our great range of exotic woods. A, you can view the line and see how these pens are really nice.

A business line Witmer more interesting is our growing line of Fine Cigar pens craft. Hey pens are great barrel and hold up well on their own. They are produced as points of the ball with one exception. Our Premium Cigar pen is a classic cigar style pen with a barrel of large, resilient and fine craftsmanship. A step above, Witmer Enterprises Crafts Hybrid cigar pen that is slightly more detailed than the Premium, but it takes a finish and the door to life. Similar to our Premium cigar pen pen Pen Bowtie and Oxford. Both are available in gold or chrome finish only. The Bowtie is named after the clip-shaped bow and crafts in our shop. The Oxford is hand turned to companies Witmer and features a center band is engraved to set aside. Visit our website and check these styles. The largest Cigar style pen is handcrafted us El Grande, and it is just that. E 'product as a ball and roller is available in all standard and high-end finishes. It's our most expensive pen craft, but it's worth the cost due to the amount of work to craft this fine pen.

Companies Witmer crafts a line of pens that we call the Executive and Sr. Executives. With the wider availability of finishes available, these boats carefully and use only the finest hardwoods with the right finish to bring out the beauty of wood, acrylic or horn. To see this line, please visit our website. In addition to the standard hardwoods, acrylics, etc., the Executive line is our basic structure for the business on line Witmer pens Inlay. Laser cut pieces of different hardwoods are put together to form simple complex scenes in the whole body of the pen. Since these are made from kits, they tend to be very expensive compared to our pens his hand. Witmer hand Enterprises transforms our hardwoods, and we do everything handmade. Also included in our line are executive knife and a magnifying glass for the demanding consumer.

Witmer Enterprises also offers to the consumer pen boxes, bags and pen refills at very reasonable prices and in a variety of hardwoods for our boxes and pen drawings by the Leather Sleeve pen. Be sure to check out while you are visiting our site .