Monday, October 4, 2010

Fountain Pen Inks – The Reservoir of Ink.

Fountain pens are usually chosen for their elegance and fluidity of ink that allows you to write such a joy. It can only continue to write until his reservoir of ink is all gone. Care to select the ink must be followed in order to prevent the pigment particles to block the flow of ink. We must ensure that the ink has purchased are clog-free inks are suitable for their fountain pens.

If a person wants a more economical method of charging ink, or prefer a more convenient, you can choose between the bottled variety and diversity of the cartridge.
In the bottle or cartridge

Both inks in bottles and cartridges are available depending on the preferences of the writer. Lanier offers a wide range of pens and bottled ink and cartridges. Bottled ink and cartridges are available in a wide range of colors like black velvet, midnight blue, Sherwood Green, Blue Naples, Fiesta Red, Tanzanite and Chocolat.

Bottled ink cartridges cost less and cause less plastic waste in the environment.

Cartridges, on the other hand are mess-free and more convenient to carry wherever you go.

Mancini find benefits from quick-drying inks that provide mess-free writing.

A history of fountain pen inks

The first fountain pens that had tanks were filled with an eyedropper. Its messy and expensive procedure led to the development of other methods. However, the dropper method is still used today for its simple mechanism and a greater volume of ink transfer, which compensates for his discomfort. Subsequently, self-filler were produced in series, in which a lot of rubber was used to hold the ink and released by certain mechanisms. Other mechanisms such as the method of crescent-filler, coin-filler, filler-match, blow-filler, filler lever, button filler and were introduced.

Later, cartridges replaced most of these mechanisms for their convenience, even if the capacity of ink is reduced. A very popular mechanism used today to fill the fountain pen is piston filler that has simply turned a knob and a screw apparatus draws the piston to suck the ink in the pen for the most part, using the currently loaded plunger or cartridge . Most European brands such as fountain pen Caran d'Ache, Faber-Castell, Dupont, Montblanc, Waterman, Rotring, etc. use "international cartridges" (38 mm in length and about 0.75ml capacity). A converter is used which is a device that has a mechanism and filling the tank attached, but it is the same size as the cartridge of the pen.

A selection of ink

Care should be taken when selecting an ink for fountain pens, in order to avoid blockages, whether you prefer a quick-drying in a particularly left-handers. With the development of mechanisms for charging ink pens, you can if he prefers the economy, in the case of ink in the bottle or for the convenience of cartridges .