Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Look at the stylish and enthralling Senator Atract Pen

I am happy to introduce you today to a mid-range promotional pen with a difference. Whatever who is well-known with Senator pens will know how smoothly they write and what sets the brand apart from so many wannabes. But have you seen the Senator @tract ballpen?

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This pen is separate for any reason. It's very cheap price of nearby a pound means that you can promote your brand and not have to spend an arm and a leg to do it. The minimum order quantity is only 250.

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Let's look at the awards that Senator has won for the form of this promotional pen.

It was the winner of the coveted reddot form award in 2006. It also won the 'good design' award which was awarded by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. It has also been nominated for any other prestigious awards.

Now I am not one to praise a pen just because it has won a combine of awards but it did make me curios. I want to know why this pen is so popular!

I think it is down to the clip and the extra large refill. The clip is legitimately unique in a low cost pen. I have seen similar clips on more expensive pens but rarely in what is still carefully a mid-range promo pen.

The @tract is a twist performance pen. When you twist the end to enlarge the point, the clip retracts into the barrel of the pen. When the point is retracted, the clip pops out of the body of the pen so that it can be safely placed in a shirt pocket.

The refill is Senator's own G2 super large capacity refill. Okay, so I will drop the jargon - what this means to you is that when you get the @tract pen you know it will write smoothing for your customers and it will last a long time.

Is that not what we all want in a promotional pen! So often economy pens dry up and are legitimately not fit for purpose. When you offer your top clients an @tract pen you know that they will be using your personalised pen and looking your logo each time they do. Give them a collection of pens and they could be looking at your logo daily for years.

The Senator @tract pen is available in ten separate finishes.

There is a 40mm x 12 mm print area on the back of the pen or you could print your logo and details in line with the clip in an area of 20mm x 12mm. The clip offers a 25mm x 6mm print area which is excellent for a website address or telephone number.

I hope I have got you concerned in this pen but nothing can help you with your decision like legitimately looking and writing with a sample.

A Look at the stylish and enthralling Senator Atract Pen

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