Friday, March 4, 2011

What is the Spy Pen Digital Video Recorder?

If you need to achieve covert field operations, you need a camera that will not stand out. If you feel a spouse or partner is not faithful, you need to find out the truth and video does not lie. There is a very various product on the shop that combines a tiny full color camcorder with sound, with an innocent finding pen called the Spy Pen Digital Video Recorder.

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The Spy Pen Digital Video Recorder is one of the coolest gadgets on the shop because it gives you a digital video recorder with audio in the size of a working pen. There are many instances when person would want to use the spy pen to narrative video.


If you are a private interpreter or law enforcement, you need to derive evidence and one of the best ways is with some type of private camera. While there are many forms of private cameras, the ones that are the most effective are private in every day items that the person being watched would not think was a camera.

While there are body worn cameras, a person might scare away the person you need to film, so setting up something like a digital video spy pen on a table, you can narrative anyone and no one will have a clue you are recording them.

If you have a spouse or partner that you feel is being unfaithful, you need evidence of your suspicions. The Dvr pen might be the way to derive that information while the person you are watching does not know you are filming them.

Other uses for the Digital Video Spy pen would be birthdays, group events, weddings, or any family event or gathering of friends. Also good for recording accidents, riots, fights, or ??? The sky is the limit.

The Spy Pen Digital Video Recorder is very easy to operate. Unscrew the top and inside is a Usb adapter on the top end; that is where the camera is. On the bottom ½ you have a small pen cartridge that works so you can write and narrative at the same time.

After you charge the internal lithium ion batter for 2 hours straight through a Usb port or 12 volt adapter, you are ready to start recording 640 x 480 video with sound.

Just push the button on top once to turn the video pen on. The light on the back will turn yellow, indicating you are in stand-by mode. Push the top button again and it will turn blue, indicating you are recording.

The spy pen will narrative for about 2.5 hours, or until the battery runs out. It has internal memory of 2 or 4Gb, that will narrative for up to 30 hours. You will have to keep charging the battery to get that much video.

To stop recording, push the top button again, and the light will turn to yellow after a second. If you want to narrative more, push the button once to turn the light to blue. To turn off the pen, push the button down until the yellow light goes off.

The Dvr spy pen is one of the neatest electronic toys in the spy & surveillance world. If you want to find out more information on the Spy Pen Digital Video Recorder, visit our website.

What is the Spy Pen Digital Video Recorder?