Thursday, March 24, 2011

looking for a Good capability Low Cost Alternative to the Parker Jotter?

I started the day early. Today I am testing two very popular promotional pens - the Senator Point Pen and the Point Metal Pen. As I am giving each my 3000 word challenge we are talking one heck of a lot of writing in freehand.

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I have been in the promotional pens industry for many years and understand how leading it is to write with and truly familiarise myself with the promotional pens that citizen love to use to promote their businesses. How else could I hand on heart propose one pen over the other?

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The Senator Point Metal pen is a dream to write with. It looks amazingly like Parker's most popular ball pen - the Jotter. In fact, as it also sports Senator's now celebrated metal giant capacity refill, it also writes like a Jotter.

The barrel is plastic and comes in red, blue, green, black and white. The clip end is metal and I must say it is very eye-catching. Having written 3000 words with this pen today I can see why it is one of Senators top 5 metal pens!

Now let's talk price. How many good capability metal pens do you know of that can be printed one colour for less than a pound? I can assure you there are not very many. There are a few inferior Far East manufactured metal pens but they do not come close to the Senator Point Metal. This German made wonder is a branding icon that has been used by tens of thousands of associates to promote themselves.

Whenever you are finding at promoting your firm or message with promotional writing instruments, it is a good idea to order samples and write with them. I am of policy doing this for you but why take my word for it?

Senator Point Metal samples are free of charge. Why not order a few and pass them around your office. Ask your colleagues to write with these marvelous value pens. Write for extended periods of time with them. That is after all what you hope your customers and clients will do with your logo printed pens, is it not?

I am clear you will find that the Point offers substantial value for money. It is European made and writes like a good capability pen should. No - it is not a Cross or Lamy gift pen. It is simply a flat writing pen that costs relatively very itsybitsy that will get your brand noticed for all of the right reasons - or should I say write reasons?

The Point Metal pen has a massive print area for your logo and details of 40mm x 20mm on the barrel. You can even engrave on the metal part of the pen to the side of the clip. You are going to love these pens!

looking for a Good capability Low Cost Alternative to the Parker Jotter?

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