Thursday, December 23, 2010

conference Materials That You Need to Build Your Chicken Pen

Being new in raising chickens, there are many things that you should consider. Chickens are quite tasty creatures, which is why you would need to protect them unless you want them to be somebody else's meal. Building a chicken pen to ward off predators is a good idea. Knowing what materials you need is critical to be able to plan and build the pen.

You should first reconsider your location. If you live in a rural area, you can settle best on where you would put your chicken pen. You can virtually raise an unlimited whole of chickens if you have a large adequate area. If you do live in the cities, things can be more difficult. You may be minuscule on how many chickens you could raise, or you might even be banned from raising them altogether.


The next thing you should take note of is what breed of chicken your would be raising. Heavier breeds are easier to keep, since they are less likely to fly away. You could just have a easy wire and post pen for them. But for the lighter breeds, you should growth the height of the fence.

You should build your pen in a sturdy and garage place for your poultry to be safe from predators. You should build it to forestall not only natural predators and scavengers from entering the pen but also from other citizen who might like having free fried chicken for dinner. Your pen must also have locks for added protection to protect your poultry from being snatched at night.

The simplest type of pen you could build is the post and wire type. It only needs a few materials, such as posts, a few strong wires, and staples. In Building these pens, you could use just basic materials. You would only need a hammer, some wire cutters, a crowbar, and sledgehammer. Before planning and Building your pen, you should have all of these materials at hand.

Fence posts normally come in bundles, not individually. There is no need to be concerned with the extra pieces of lumber that would be left unused once your pen is done. They can be used as beams or supporters for other projects such as a chicken coop. You could use chicken wire for your pen, but stucco wire is recommended because it is stronger and more durable.

If there are no ready fence staples, you can use staples for wiring to attach the wires to your posts. Take care not to skimp on these staples. You would need a lot of them to make the attachment to your posts more secure. The sledgehammer is used to pound the uprights into the ground. Make sure that you have a sledgehammer that you could handle easily.

The commonplace hammer can be used to pound the staples into the posts. Also, you need the crowbar to dig a hole where your posts will be placed. Conference the materials you need and planning for your chicken pen to be able to build it effortlessly.

conference Materials That You Need to Build Your Chicken Pen