Friday, December 24, 2010

Keeping It Together (A JB Love Story) Ch.5

Keeping It Together (A JB Love Story) Ch.5 Video Clips. Duration : 0.75 Mins.

Heyyy its Sarah (TwilightSagaLover56) hehe:) But back to history yeahh: D Ryan: Yeah ... u sure. * Cough cough * Drama Queen * Marissa: * stops walking and looks at Ryan * What? What did you say? Ryan apologizes great lady, and nothing * smiles * Justin: * Tryin not Smile Come on, can still walk ... Marissa: I do not get Ryan ... Ur sooooo funny Ryan: What? It 'was a joke. Marissa: Weirdo ...* continues to walk * Justin: Nice one dude puts his hand * * for Ryan High Five:* Information for the five IT * Justin: * puts her hands and laughs * * * Continue to slow walkin Ryan: Phfft Meanies. * Continue to walk with them ayyyyy * Justin: What? Ryan: I'm hungry .... Justin: Well, given that u talk about .. Hunger. Marissa: Same here ... Boys: * starts singing * Goes to ba ba da da da Mcdonalds Marissa: * gives them the appearance * u guys are ok wtf? Children: Yuppp Marissa: I ... bit 'crazy lil ...* laughs * ok let's go. McDonalds has already ordered their food so now its aTable:) Ryan: * Drinks soda * M. Guy: Ryan! * Freu * Wazz UP? Ryan: * spits his drink * Chaz? * Not * Chaz Oh my God! ITS CHAZ! Wat up? Chaz: I asked the first guy .... Justin: Umm ...: * giggles * Marissa Who is Chaz? Chaz: Me * * sees Marissa Marissa Heyyy hottie in the room: Ugh .... Not interested ... Chaz: fiesty Ouuu .. * My kind of winks that Marissa: Yuckkk Justin: * trying not to laugh * Smooth Smooth Chaz .. ... No! Ryan: * laughs * JB's right buddy Chaz: u guys are just jealous cuz im hot guys...

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