Friday, December 24, 2010

When You Need Notes, A Digital Pen Recorder Can Save Your Time

The other day, I found myself into one of those typical one-man shows that my boss keeps calling meetings. Basically it goes like that: He talks, then talks, then talks again, and others are supposed to listen attentively to each particular word he says (especially because recording is in effect forbidden due to privacy rules in our line of business). And just when one starts to wonder about being on a tropical beach, or at home watching Tv, he asks your concept and you have to wake up from your world of dreams and utter an accepted reply.

At a inescapable point, I noticed that one of my colleagues was writing down short notes, while others were scribbling all the time, and he also had a second pen on the table, and kept it pointed in the direction of our boss, while writing with someone else one.


During a coffee break, I asked him what is it that he was doing, and he informed me that yes, we all know that our boss is a maniac of secrecy, but he found his way to narrative our meetings: he was using a digital pen recorder to avoid having to take written notes, by recording the speeches and listening to them later at home, filtering out the relevant information.

Apart from the fact that I would not take my work home with me (and that's why I will never get promoted....), I have to admit that my colleague had a great idea. Not only he can narrative these boring meetings, but he can also take quick notes by recording them on the go (while driving home, for example) and then downloading them into his Pc via a Usb cable.

But the most animated feature is that his digital pen recorder can in effect be used also as... A pen, because it Looks like a pen, a spy pen, that is.

Yes, you got it right, one of those micro digital recorders that seem to come straight out of James Bond movies along with all those miniaturized gadgets and submarine cars.

Basically, it's an Mp3 recorder embedded into what looks like a normal pen, which can be activated with just one button, so that it would look in effect inconspicuous (also due to the absence of Leds on the body), and can store up to 72 hours of conversation or audio notes depending on memory size and recording parameters, thanks to its long-lasting lithium battery, up to 10 meters of distance and with absolute clarity of sound.

The recorded files are then transferred from the spy pen into a normal Pc, through Usb connection. When inactive, it automatically enters stand-by mode and yes, it can be used as a normal pen. So if you want to take notes, you can feel free to do it, without having to worry about not fully grasping all that is said nearby you while you are writing, the pen will do it for you!

This kind of items can be purchased, along with many more, on specialized Online Spy Shops, along with any items for the protection of your personal and firm interests.

When You Need Notes, A Digital Pen Recorder Can Save Your Time