Friday, December 24, 2010

Rumble in the Nemunas River Delta - Fugees, a search for alleged association

Rumble in the Nemunas River Delta - Fugees, a search for alleged association Video Clips. Duration : 4.37 Mins.

"Rumble in the Jungle" (feat. Busta Rhymes, John Forte, Lauryn Hill) [Wyclef] (Come on) Root to the fruit lower than Bootsy Collins You verses me Thats like Ali verses Foreman act (a-ha) of God, a step back and watch Devil's time out time can not watch without Swatch Who am I, the black Abraham Zang Zung Zung, the yellow man, Vietnam Add an extra bar as I have with literature Taking kingdoms Holm Winning wars Tsar compared to [Mori Forte] Hey, what's the problem? I saw the devil with the SparAllah Mathematics was the key to my race free Maybe we have the debate, a refugee No harm hurt me dying, thirsty from the struggle is down to my own hustle bubble on, woe to show the Free Bob right The righteous Asiatic While Satan rob light thinker civilized as the Molly Burgundy, wildy rocking see where the fifth Ali clocked him John Forte will keep you in [Q-Tip] People all around you to see blocked and was witness to the mystery, which is fast enough with knock-out to MicFitness hand holding the microphone tight Some say it boils, R Fright Night is now raised because F 'I'm going to take your breath away and rings and now I'm just a daily operation Yo, you saw my lubrication You can see these professions ( The winner) Eh, you think we know about Q-Borough L-Booie and Clef the trainers, encourage Prazwell throw [Lauryn Hill] We used to have bullets in the pig-skin casing Now we perfect slang like a bit of bandwidth masons road (do uh) Scribe checklink ...

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