Saturday, December 25, 2010

Internet-Based Chicken Pen construction Plans

You will save a heap of time and money by using the internet to help you build a Diy chicken pen. In fact, the most difficult part is seeing the right chicken pen construction plans for your unique requirements. This record explains the separate options that you have, and helps you get to the first step in this very practical woodworking project.

Small Vs Large Chicken Pens


If you're only planning on breeding a small whole of chickens, there are 2 main choices of chicken coops: the a-frame, and the chicken ark. Both share a very similar frame, but end up seeing quite different. The main variation is that the chicken ark utilizes 2 storeys, whereas the straightforward a-frame is only one.

As far as large chicken coops go, there are 3 options: the box-shaped coop, the hen house, and the prime chicken barn. The box-shaped coop is a bit smaller than the other 2, and stands quite tall and narrow. It's great if you've only got a small yard. The hen house and chicken barn are very big, and both make use of a large attached chicken run. They're for the very serious chicken breeder.

Picking The Best Wood

All of the previously mentioned chicken pens are built mainly from wood. Treated pine is the cheapest and easiest to work with. However, if you want to go for something all natural, and more expensive, you can go wrong with simply rot resistant cedar.

Other construction materials contain chicken wire, plywood, chipboard, and metal pickets. Of course, the unblemished materials list will be included with anything chicken pen construction plans you at last conclude to go with.

Where To Find construction Plans

This record is focused on internet-based plans. However, if you don't trust the World Wide Web, you will probably be able to find high potential chicken coop plans in your local hardware store, or bookstore.

Online plans commonly come in packages of complicated designs. This is great if you don't want to make a style decision right away. You will be able to go over each schematic, and conclude which is best for your needs.

Internet-Based Chicken Pen construction Plans