Monday, December 20, 2010

Digital Pen

A pen that remembers what you wrote. Digital pen, an input gismo that captures handwriting and digitizes, stores in a computer and works with a battery. A digital paper is used for this pen. A digital paper is an interactive paper and consists of a pattern of dots. This dot pattern is a two dimensional bar code and termed generally as Anoto pattern. This Anoto pattern is printed onto any general paper. Digital paper can be printed through a laser printer. The ink used in Anoto pattern printing is carbon based black ink. The pattern is not visible to eye. The ink absorbs infra red light transmitted from the pen. The pen contains a receiver which interprets the pattern of light reflected from the paper.

The Digital pen consists of handwriting recognition software. It records through, with an optical camera the location of every pen stroke. The camera takes many pictures in a second, in the form of a digital pattern. The digital pen doesn't scan the images; it records the position in a file that requires less memory. Once docked into a Usb cradle or through Blue tooth to a computer, the pen strokes are processed into images and text.


The digital pen is larger than a stylus and roughly looks like a quarterly pen and is unique in its features. It contains internal electronics and features like touch sensitivity, internal memory, blue tooth transmission and electronic erasers. These features are improvised from constructor to manufacturer. This has reduced the paperwork, improved instant transmission of data from paper to computer. With the additional advancement in technology, a digital pen will become a pen of quarterly use.

Digital Pen