Saturday, December 25, 2010

If You Want to Be a Millionaire, Kiss Your Pen!

The language of love can be good understood by some blends of kisses. Kissing is an expression of love and love without kisses is nothing but a huge joke. Those who love to write do it over and over with their pen. The infer s not far-fetched - the writer's pen is an revenue generator, and so he kisses his pen always to avoid rioting. The wisdom of the man with the pen is unquantifiable and cannot be wished away. The motto now is, "As his wisdom, so is his wealth". Many people are harping on this to take a challenge on article writing.

Sure, every average person can make an perfect second revenue writing articles. Articles are in many categories, but writing on your favourite subjects has an advantage. As an aspiring entrepreneur or article writer, your ability to write effectively can mean the difference in the middle of success and failure. Writing for an revenue is just a matter of decision, and you too, can do it.


I started putting my ideas on paper at a very tender age. Many times I abandoned my books to write down some fresh ideas on paper, even when I am supposed to be reading for my exams. I acquired a lot of books and can boast of a sizeable personal library. What I read from people's books can make me to begin writing for days, either in keep or against the writer's idea.

Opportunities abound for any person with the decision to write articles, especially on his favourite subjects. The following are areas one can make it writing articles or good said, kissing the pen.

1. Children's Stories - A vivid imagination, enthusiastic creativity and the ability to put something in the mind of a child are required in writing children's stories. Good story books targeted at school children have a high level of patronage, so those who are gifted to write such stories have a cause to smile to the banks.

2. Newspapers - Newspaper writers may select to write on a chosen career or institution. You can select to create and yield an unofficial campus, company or health-care newspaper, and issue it weekly or bimonthly. Data and articles featured in the newspaper can focus on issues and events relating to your area of choice, campus, business, health-care, etc., as the case may be. Selling classified and display advertising space to local businesses wishing to gain exposure to the paper readership base would keep the paper.

3. Writing Competition - Competition in writing gives joy and reading what you put down on paper gladdens the heart. When you create writing competitions like essay writing, etc., in Secondary or Tertiary institutions, you can be sure of the entry fees for the competitions. You can collaborate with a newspaper, radio station, magazine or group to bring your idea to public view. Put in some measures of specification like word count, genre, topic, terms and conditions and enlist the services of respected, unbiased judges. issue all winning entries.

4. Movie Scripts - Good story tellers who can create ideas that could be translated on the tube by actors and actresses can pull in some money using sequence, article and plotting.

5. Fiction and Non Fiction - It may not take a special study or taste to break into a career as this one. Your creative ability and good writing skills, as well as having the perseverance to perfect a work like short stories, novels, screenplays, television stories and stage plays, are very important. You get paid for your work when your work is of sufficient value, and you can sell your work to publishers and producers as an independent writer or you issue your work by yourself. Also, jobs are equally ready at magazines and movie and Tv studios for people who want to be staff writers. To qualify for this kind of job, you need to be more creative and thought about to corollary at all times.

6. Information Marketing - people make a lot of money by just providing special Data on small pamphlets, e-books and softwares. The good thing here is that you do not even need to e the owner of the Data you are marketing, your company is to contribute sufficient information, for instance, music, Gsm, football (Premier League), etc., and sell to your customers.

7. Others - Kissing your pen is a big job. people have no company today running from pillar to post when they can create an idea. Writing has many areas of creating wealth for the person who decides to kiss the pen. Kissing the pen means that you come up alive in a new and distinct way. Think out the other areas you can make money straight through writing. You can source out Data on topics pertaining to securing gainful employment, how to put in order for interviews, some secrets of a winning resume and more, get them together and issue it as a monthly employment and career guide newspaper. Get some clubs to advertise in it and start with free distribution. You can work as a literary agent - representing an author in bringing out his literary ability and acting as a liaison in the middle of him and a publishing firm.

You can also specialize in writing company plans and proposals, write resumes, sell slogans and make extra cash by rolling out booklets of unique recipes. Writing has made a lot of people millionaires and you can be the next. Are you prepared? Then kiss the Pen!

If You Want to Be a Millionaire, Kiss Your Pen!