Sunday, December 19, 2010

Promotional Gift Pens - A look at the Lamy Swift Roller Ball Pen

No wonder that the Lamy Swift Roller Ball is the third best selling pens Lamy in Germany and Europe. I knew it was a different kind of experience from the minute I opened the box his special gift.

The pen looks like a case of tall cabinet when closed. It has two arrows on it openly, that the two halves, I had to pull. The two sides closed in on itself and banged Lamy Swift Rollerball, contained safely in a special pen.

Pen Refill

NowAnyone who has looked in doubt pens promotional gift in the past, the Argenta and roller ball pens have heard. These two pins are popular low-cost metal gift pens for years. Few people know that the project was actually conceived by a number of popular designers Lamy.

If you do not know, the Argenta by name, the spring is silver, black or blue, which in most corporate gift catalogs over fifteen decorative holes is presented bySpring of the pen.

The Argenta is one of the world's most popular gift pens, but it is a Chinese copy of the original German made pen Lamy Swift! It 'also a lot cheaper and do not write anywhere near a transition from the way the real thing.

When I opened the case, spring is coming into view, along with film wrapped brand new charging M66 made with a great capacity to Lamy Germany. I tore the foil package and put the new rollerball refill in the pen.

The SwiftRollerball is unique in that it does not have a ceiling as other roller ball. The special charge air is not dry and hard like a ball roller normal. The point of writing moves easily in the spring with a push-button mechanism, such as a ballpoint pen.

I personally love this pen. I've always been a man pen, but the ball roll changed me. I do not mean that I only have Swift Lamy, but I do not want to be, that this spring to friends and family! In fact, I wouldit is difficult to part with one of the high quality standards Lamy has sent me so beautiful.

Actually writing with one of these studs will show you why with the unique design and elegant, the gift of choice this year Lamy pen!

Today there are more than 4,000 words with Lamy Swift Roller Ball wrote. I am sure that I know that spring better than anyone else who does not even herself. Lamy Swift If you happen to know why I like so much his own will. If you do not get a sampleand see for yourself what all the hype.

Promotional Gift Pens - A look at the Lamy Swift Roller Ball Pen