Friday, August 27, 2010

The Best Small Pens

As we know, pens come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. Brand names such as Parker, Bic, Biro, Waterford and Mont Blanc is very familiar names. Most pins are made in standard sizes, but there are those that are made smaller to fit in purses, wallets and bags.

Some of these include the small cages PicoPad Wallet Notes stripes, which is a patented small pin-year self-stick notes that fit snugly in your pocket. This little pen comes with a good flexi-handle, yet very comfortable for writing. The PicoPad is suitable for both men and women.

The Lamy Pico small pin is an innovative German invention that minute in size, but excellent writing skills agreements. This classic ballpoint pen may be small, but has remained the same for 40 years. Invented in the 60s, the Pico Lamy made of solid titanium with a matte surface glittering very functional and elegant.

The Lalex 1938 Pens are made in Italy and boasts a fine tradition of charm, elegance and durability. The small pins versions were the first established in 1938 by Leopoldo Aquila. The lalex 1938 has unique spring mechanism in contrast to his predecessors. To own one is a symbol of status and taste.

The Wallet Pen is a small pen made of solid sterling silver that any space can be made into a purse. Since purses are an essential component of day to day life, add a little pin it only makes life much easier. This can be done at any time to write down notes, contact information, memos and reminders, for almost nothing. The wallet feature is pen and beauty at the same time.

The Astronaut Pen Zero Gravity or the pen is underwritten by Fisher Space Pen Company, which uses ink cartridges that come under pressure and could write in zero gravity. The smaller version, called the "bullet Recently a non-retractable and stouter than most ordinary ball point pens in the market. But it becomes full size when the cap is attached for a better grip. There is a bullet style space pen which is on permanent exhibition at the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). The small bullet pen was said to write for a lifetime of normal use, and recharging can be utilized in another type pins with the plastic adapter that minute passed with each refill. Fisher also produce 'universal' refills in almost all kinds of pens, especially Cross and Papermate used.

With modern technology, many everyday items made more compact for easy use and comfort. Small pins are not unusual, in fact, there are many brands every style and budget needs. Recently some companies have also taken special little pins designed for women to create jewelry or overgrown with Swarovski crystals. Pens are not just for function but are now fashion statements too. Many carry their wallets in when eating out for the evening.