Monday, August 23, 2010

An Appreciation of Classic Ballpoint Pens

You use every day without giving it much thought. You make your grocery list with it, use it to write in your journal, to do lists with him, and use it to take important notes at work. This is a ballpoint pen, and life is not quite the same without her.

A seemingly insignificant, ballpoint pens is in fact one of the most important inventions in modern history. Before their existence, fountain pens (and goose feathers before them) are not very portable or user friendly. They often fled and had to be recharged frequently, is whether they could be recharged at all. Because reading and writing has become increasingly widespread in the 19th century, demand arose for a reliable, independent, reusable pen that would not smudge or run. This demand was met by the pens.

pens origin in 1889 when a tanner named John Loud needed a writing tool that would work on leather, traditional fountain pens that would not. It has created a ballpoint pen steel rotation was held in place with a socket. The predecessor of the modern ballpoint pen was not suitable for commercial use, however, because it was too rough to write on paper.

The next major breakthrough in design technology of conventional ball point pens came Laszlo Biro, a Hungarian newspaper editor. His job required him to spend most of his writing and editing amounts of time a lot of text on newsprint, fine. He found pens to smudge too easily take too much time with their continued need for refilling. They also had a tendency to tear the thin paper with which he worked. With the help of his chemist brother, Biro developed an ink similar to that used in printing newspapers. The ink dries quickly and does not stain as easily. He placed it in an enclosure with a spinning ball which always turn to take the ink and put it on paper. Biro patented his ballpoint pen in 1938.

Ballpoint pens are on sale to the public for the first time in 1945, offered the Gimbel department store in New York. At a price of $ 12.50 each, they do not seem like a piece of home each person would be used on a daily basis. That changed when the Bic Corporation has invented a cheaper version available from ballpoint pens later this year. Today, like all facial tissue is often described as Kleenex and all copies are often called Xerox, the name has become synonymous with Bic ballpoint pen retractable all, regardless of brand.

Conventional ballpoint pens are available in two versions: disposable and rechargeable batteries. Disposable ballpoint pens are made of plastic and designed to be discarded when empty. refillable pens, secondly, can be made of plastic or metal and to permit the endless close. Whatever type you prefer, the next time you take a ballpoint pen, consider how much more difficult the simplest tasks would be without it.