Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Metal Promotional Pens...beware Cheap Imitations!

Many businesses used to consider the metal pen as a luxury gift rather than a giveaway of appropriate a higher cost per unit than its plastic counterpart promotional pen. But as technology moves ever forward, prices for metal promotional pen is more down, many marketing managers have recognized a product with a high impact (providing strong, positive brand endorsement) to an acceptable cost structure. Ride in Santorini pen as an example, recently launched in the UK. A new push action pen with a smooth flowing action writing is available in four metallic colors with a metal Parker style black ink refill. Given to a cellophane sleeve and available at less than £ 1 per unit when printed with a color screen in a position *, it has proved to be a very popular new metal pen.

There are now many very similar products on the market Santorini. Some of them are cheaper and plastic refills use the attached picture. The Santorini pen is supplied with a quality metal Parker style refill with a Swiss tip and write 2,500 meters long. The plastic refills generally do not have the same length and write the stick thin types refills can write only for the 1,000 meters, which essentially means that Santorini will last at least twice as long. Another positive aspect for Santorini is the quality of writing is also very smooth, compared to cheaper imitations.

So, when it comes to promotional products
, By all means live along the lines of not looking a gift horse in the mouth ... but be ready when it turns around a bite of your brand ethos!

* Price excludes artwork and carriage.