Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Don't buy an engraved pen until you read this

Engraved pens are great gift items or undertaking to give way, but as you know you're getting a quality product. I will describe some features to look for when making your next purchase of pens saved.

Setting mechanism
This feature is found in the twisting action engraved pens. As you twist the pen to the open position with the tip pointing up the ink, the ink should extend out of the barrel and then settle back down slightly. It is this feature that keeps the ink to roll in as you write.

Interior metal parts
By opening up the pen to change the ink refill should screw into a piece of metal rather than plastic, to prevent stripping. The recharge can be plastic, they are changed often. If the pen is a style of roller ball, then make sure the parts are metal there too.

Ink Refill
Make sure the refill ink is a type that can easily be found for replacement. Recharges pattern that can be found in the store office supplies are your best bet.

Warranty Pen
There are many pens that come with a warranty on craftsmanship. When the company is willing to stand behind their product typically make a better product they will not be replacing many of its products.

There are other features that make the course a premium pen, including a painting of quality and solid construction of the clip, nose clip, center ring, etc.

I hope this little guide will help with the purchase of the pen that comes.