Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All About Ballpoint Pen

Pen is a common tool used to write a paper form in general. In ancient times, people write with ink. But the new discovery will change the time was known as a pen to write. Like to say more than 90% of the world's population use the pen in their daily lives. Ballpen known in British English as BRIO. Ballpoint Pen is a writing instrument, which includes the tip is automatically updated in the ink. The pen used for writing is the writing section with small transfers the ink cartridge on top of writing surface. Ballpoint Pen is a chamber filled with viscous inks, which runs during the top of the rolling action used by the metal ball varies from 0.7 mm and 1.2 mm in diameter made of brass, steel or tungsten.

One of the characteristics of a ballpoint pen ink that just gets dry as soon as it comes into contact with the paper. It is very cheap, and dose not require maintenance, if the pen breaks compared with the ink pen. And wish to do so its properties and other factors have begun to choose a ballpoint pen or ink pen, and it has become a daily tool for me in writing. Ballpoint pens have become the most popular tool for everyday writing.

There are a variety of ballpoint pens available in the market.

- Disposable pens are mainly made up of cheap plastic and can be disposed of when you find the ink has been consumed.

- Refillable pens can be of poor quality metal or plastic, which is usually a higher price. Filling the perfect time to use the internal ink drop then need to meet again with the assistance ink bottle. The simplest ballpoint pens is the cap covers the tip of the pen when not in use, while others are the mechanism for retracting the tip. The essential concept, which has worked behind this mechanism is at the top and powered by the spring within the pen apparatus. You can also hit up the other locking system such as a couple of buttons, screw, or slide.

- Roller ball pens, ballpoint pen combines the design and use of liquid ink flow system ink pens.

- Space pens combine more viscous than normal ballpoint pen ink gas pressurized piston which forces the ink per box. This design allows the pen to write upside down or even zero-gravity environment.

This ballpoint pen has its own importance because of its utilization in routine life. Black ballpoint pen has a lot of reputation within a short time all the ballpoint pen products.