Monday, August 9, 2010

Stipula Davinci - Fountain Pens

Born in Vinci, a small village near Florence, Leonardo is known as one of the greatest architects, engineers, artists and men of the past. Creativity, discovery, and innovation to his promise - Stipula, such as Leonardo is dedicated to highlight the world of new inventions to promote our senses and our minds. Therefore, Stipula new offspring has a name and an honor to be invited DaVinci after the great master, himself, who continues to inspire creative today.

The innovative design includes DaVinci ink pen: the system takes air simply and elegantly turning the barrel and beautifully propels the ball in front of the nose tip to the outside part of the writing position. This patented design and the mechanism is very unique in its retractable point gives life to a refined writing instrument that does not need to cork!

This new and exciting ball-tip version is an option for those whose duties require them to use in writing a ballpoint pen, but also meets the "innovative" side.

Available Cracked Ice or Classic capless black ball point writing DaVinci barrel is engraved with the signature of Leonardo da Vinci is true to his distinctly unique style to write back.

DaVinci has been created for those who dream of innovation, and they, like Leonardo, which make impossible a substantial ... reality!