Saturday, August 28, 2010

Refillable Markers for a Retro Back to School Look

Harkening in the old days, when the handles were personal and were regarded as elements of elegance and craftsmanship, refillable pens and markers to make a comeback cool. "This is not only a sense of charging overhead markers," said Kerry Tuttle North American distributor AusPen organic markers, it is also a green call that fascinates the young generation. "

In North America alone, teachers throw for 500 million plastic dry-erase markers in a year. Clog landfills, markers of PVC plastic poison "- to find their permanent residence. Generation Y are well informed, and they see this as a great loss, threats to their future, and the lack of creativity.

Future Retro Youth, 20 and 30-something. Although this cohort of consumers like all the grapes, they are not ready to abandon the attitudes of the environment and turn on pollutants in recent years. Therefore, products that are retro mood, but made of modern materials and technology are making waves.

Students in secondary schools and colleges have taken steps to attract non-toxic, reusable, recycled aluminum AusPen dry erase markers in their classrooms. "They use their public relations and the use of social media to raise awareness of alternative products green," Tuttle said Carrie. "They raise money through fundraising, posting videos on You Tube and the creation of school clubs practices to reduce their toxins found in places such as pink soap dispensers in bathrooms, cleaning products door-keeper, and toxic dry markers.

competent researchers and online shop where they are, Gen Y consumers find the back they love, then to understand how to look or feel the product of the past, but with a modern and green before. The sleek and futuristic AusPen starter kit bag made from 100% recycled plastic, polyethylene, such as the design of space-age craze 60-s, and the popularity of refillable fountain evokes memories of the days of reusable pens, such as "Parker 45" The announcement in 1967.

Going green for back to school or work is a priority for young consumers. But if this is a selfless passion can be combined with a retro, but then came the light on the earth has never been so cool.