Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pen Refills – The Style plus Performance

Perhaps the most widely used pen refills are pen refills Schmidt offered by Lanier Pens. The three types of pen refills Schmidt are for our roller ball, the way of the Cross, and Parker style pens. The different types of spare parts are available for the needs of different writer. Some examples are listed below.
5888 Schmidt charging roller used over half a century of experience in manufacturing high quality of its production of spare parts roller. It has a ceramic tip and a metal body ensures smooth writing. Fits 98% of roller pens are universal size. In fact, it fits the Pentel brand labels, Aurora, Rotring, Bexley, Bossert and Erhard, Colebri, Conklin, Conway Stewart, Diplomat, Faber-Castell, Jean-Pierre Lépine, Lanier, Marlin, Montegrappa, Waterman, Retro 1951, Visconti, and others. Available in fine point and the midpoint.
888 Schmidt also has ceramic tip Schmidt 5888. The difference is that instead of the metal body of Schmidt 5888, this model has a plastic body. However, as very well written. 888 Schmidt also fits 98% of all universally sized roller pens. It can fit the same brand that fits tags Schmidt 5888, and a couple of others. There is also a fine point and a midpoint.

Lanier offers three very popular pen refills Schmidt Parker Style. These include the P900 ballpoint Parker Style Schmidt, Schmidt's EasyFlow 9000, which slides more easily on paper than any other writing system. The EasyFlow 9000 combines the advantages of the known fill a pen with refill Rollerball bringing a completely new script. Schmidt Superbowl Filling P8900 is an innovative system for smooth writing and elegant. This system combines the individual characteristics of a writing pen with the convenience of a pen.
Replacement Right for You
These are just some examples of pen refills. Although feathers certain substances have handmade can last a lifetime, pen refills has its limits in terms of how they are used. It is therefore helpful to have pen refills available when needed. Having quality parts of the pen can just feel like typing all day.