Thursday, August 19, 2010

Top 10 Tips on Specifying Promotional Pens

Stuart Warne is on sale in the UK Channel Manager Newell Rubbermaid PP & GC (formerly Sanford Brands) - The largest European manufacturer of pen marks on promotional and incentive industry with 1-5 pens used Europe is a pen Newell.

With the pen with 30% of the promotion and stimulation of market you would think that the choice of a pen is an easy task. But with so many manufacturers / importers / writing modes / styles and colors available, it can be a bit of minefield. Detailed below are some important rules to remember for the selection of promotional pens and perfect for you and the recipient of your message.

1. Think about your target for the pen, (Chief Executive, marketing, workshop or consumption). The pen now has four main styles of writing (excluding PDA stylus or highlighter pens promotional multi) Fountain Pen, Roller Ball, Ball Pen and gel, which is best for their style - this will help define the budgets and style pen.

2. What is the pen will be used? Is there a tool with low cost of advertising, sales, corporate gift or award, you need a disposable or rechargeable model - again this will help to define budgets and style pen.

3. Marking Options - what advertising / corporate message or incentive that you want to convey? We have moved from simple one color print option, you can now fully customized mold / custom print / print-rotating laser engraved or digitally. Using some of the virtual tools in the market, you can see actual pictures of the way your brand, message or company image can watch it on a pen. Marking and design options should be used creatively to ensure that your pen is that your target carries or uses on a daily basis

4. Make sure your pen delivers the right message about your business. Choose a quality brand that adds weight to your message - you do not bust budgets to achieve that global brands are there in all price points. In addition to choosing a brand, you will be knowing that the correct help and support is there to help you choose the best style for your needs (for example, be careful lacquer ware with chrome or silver finish, when laser through the paint, most substrates are made of brass so you get a mixture of silver and brass finish mark!)

5. Choose the correct supplier / manufacturer - Make sure they have in place proper certification (quality control systems, management systems, environmental management, health and safety policies, etc.)

6. Color options - are you looking for a match to your own company colors or are you happy to provide something different? There are a number of mixing low-cost and game options there, or you can customize the color of mold on larger volumes.

7. Budgets - How much money do you spend? It sounds simple, but if you get this error and choose to spend too much or too little on your promotional pens, it can affect your campaign. By focusing on who receives the pen and how it is used, you might as well do it right.

8. Quantity - this is mainly due to the use of the pen, the best advice is to plan to have more rather than less to save embarrassing shortages.

9. Schedules - When do you need the pen for? This point is often overlooked and left until the last minute can cause problems for manufacturers Non-UK EU /. (There are a number of "fast track" services offered by a color printing in 24hrs to 5 days in 2 colors - but in general you're looking at 10 working days from the order to be shipped. If you need a unique custom product, the time of the Far East is about 12 weeks.)

10. Physics Sample - I would always advocate a physical sample before placing a bulk order, sometimes the schedules can not accommodate, but the pen will be there to deliver your message when you are not. Therefore, you must be convinced that the weight, materials, marking, packaging, etc. whatever you want to offer. The only way to be certain of seeing a first sample.