Sunday, August 22, 2010

All-inclusive Full Color Pen Hidden Camera/mini Dvr/thumb Drive With Audio

Pen Hidden Camera Taken separately
Are you looking for a small, hidden, all-inclusive hidden camera system at a great price? Introducing the all-inclusive full color hidden camera, with built in audio, mini DVR, and thumb drives. This amazing camera spy is actually a real ball point pen with a hidden camera plus audio and a mini DVR. Now you can record all video and audio action in a normal ball point pen writing. No drivers or outside power source is required. You charge it by plugging it into the wall or on your computer .
Click the ball pen point to start recording. You can actually record for the whole two hours on a single charge. When you are done recording you can download all the actions taken to its high-speed USB 2.0 directly to your computer. You can see right away or store files for later.

Camera WritingThis pen is the first mini DVR with both video and audio recording capabilities in the world, with a covert mini DVR in the pen. The microphone is very sensitive, you can clearly record the conversation up to 15 feet away. As mentioned previously, this is a working ball point pen with standard ink refills available. Works seamlessly on any computer and other equipment with a USB port. For ports USB they have no software to install, no drivers required and it has its own external power supply. Supports all Windows and Linux operating systems.

Recorder AVI format is very fit. This pen hidden camera has a built in lithium battery and built in 2G flash memory. The camera has 300,000 pixels resolution with 352 x 288 and it records in full color.